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Introduction to Detec Next Software

Detec Next is the term for a new generation of software for video surveillance from Detec AS. Detec Next is a user-friendly, flexible and scalable software that easily can be expanded with the number of cameras, servers and clients needed in a system. Detec AS has developed software for video surveillance since the early 1990s and has been a leading player in video analysis. This experience contribute to a secure software that is so flexible that you can invest in a number of unique and innovative functions without relying on third-party solutions.


Main Advantages with Detec Next

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Today’s user interface is based on several years of experience and feedback from operators, where pure logic has been the guideline for successful design development. Detec Next is built around different operator modes with different purposes and tasks so that the user will follow the shortest path possible in reaching goals. Heavy use of icons has been emphasized, and for a basic-level Windows user with some experience, the interface will appear straightforward and recognizable. The user interface comprise of a number of elements which have become industry-standards in video surveillance software, such as camera list to the left, playback menu, searches displayed on a timeline view etc. Additionally, a number of new innovative elements and display methods are presented, such as user defined camera lists and split patterns, dynamic splits in real-time view, map mode with color allocation on cameras, alarm lists with alarm priority, and more. User control with different defined user types simplifies further the daily use for each operator.




Detec Next has a licensing structure, features and a design securing great flexibility and scalability. The end customer can easily add features, and the software has in principle the possibility of adding an unlimited number of cameras, sound sources, external alarm sensors, servers and clients. Storage can be safeguarded with the capacity needed. As the system as a whole has a network-based architecture, the customer can expand the system based on needs and maintain a broad range of security tasks.


Detec AS recognize that customers’ needs can change over time, and often customers want to invest gradually in their security systems with growing demands. With Detec Next you secure an investment in a system for the future as it is based on an open platform. Over time, you can build the system according to needs. Customers are recommended to sign a software update agreement securing access to the latest software version at all time. Agreement or not – the software can be updated to add new technologies and investments in new peripheral products such as cameras, network equipment, servers, backup-solutions and third-party software solutions.



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With experience since 1992 in the field of advanced video analysis, Detec AS is one of the pioneers in the world in this field. The company has since its’ start-up collaborated with world-leading research communities in order to be on top of the state-of-art and excel with the potential that lies in video analysis. In this context, Detec AS has pursued new partnerships globally. This experience has made the company well-equipped to identify key success factors in order to achieve solid and accurate advanced video analysis in a wide variety of scenarios. Today, we differ from competition with our focus on robust extraction of objects from background, to reduce effects from light sources and shadows, advanced tracking of objects, optimization for available bandwidth and processing power, fusion of multi-sensor data, multi-format data from cameras, and the use of radiometric thermal cameras.