Collection: Detec Next Record

Recording System for Use in Observation or Interrogation Rooms

Detec Next Record is a very user-friendly IP-based recording system with the purpose that the user shall conduct manual synchronous recordings of video and/or audio from one or more cameras and one or more sound sources in real-time. Video can be recorded with the resolution allowing real-time (e.g. Full HD 1080p in 25 frames per second).
Detec Next Record is a system consisting of a distinctive database structure adapted to a separate Record HD-mode. Normally, the system is set up with a limited number of Core camera licenses, and client licenses will typically only have access to Record HD- and Archive-mode.



  • Detec Next RecordScalable system which can be adapted to small or large rooms/environments with small or large groups of people
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive – a normally experienced Windows-user will only use about half an hour to learn how to use the system
  • IP-based technology makes it very easy and quick to set up and configure the recording system – little cabling makes it possible to also relocate the system
  • Great quality on sound and video with full HD resolution on real-time video
  • A very useful tool for a great number of applications
  • Mandatory documentation, advanced user control and user activity log ensures that the system is being used in a relevant and correct manner
  • Starting and pausing recordings, selecting cameras, controlling PTZ cameras, and ending recordings appear elementary to a normally experienced Windows-user
  • To able to add bookmarks during recordings, or while reviewing recordings, makes it very easy to find interesting sequences again
  • Archiving and export makes it very easy to disseminate video and audio material
  • Printing and saving snapshots further increase the relevance of the system to many applications
  • With HD resolution on images, you can easily zoom in on details both during and after recordings, and still maintain great picture quality


How is Detec Next Record used?

You will normally start a recording by filling out a form with mandatory and open fields. There are templates for such documents that an administrator can alter by adding, changing and deleting mandatory and open fields to fill out. You will not be able to change some of the fields after you have created a recording. If you like, you can set up the system to go straight to recording without any supporting document.

You have easy-to-use menus for adjusting volume, start and pause recordings. When you stop recordings, you will be asked to confirm this stop.

When using more cameras, these will automatically tile in a split pattern on the screen. The cameras you have selected from the camera list to the left on the screen, are the cameras you will get recordings from. By double-clicking one of the small camera windows, this camera window will go into full-screen. By double-clicking again, you will return to the split pattern.

You can also control pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras directly in the screenshot by clicking your mouse and drag the mouse pointer to wished position. What you see from the PTZ-camera is what you record.

Detec Next Record uses professional sound and supports both Mic and Line-In. Sound goes through an IP-camera that supports this, and e.g. Sony IP PTZ cameras will be able to support all the way up to 48kHZ.

During a recording, you can also add so-called bookmarks. This means that you can add a title and a comment to an event while the recording is running. The bookmark will be time-stamped and added to the recording.

The bookmarks are very useful when playing back a recording in Archive-mode, as you are then able to skip to important events in the recording. When Arhive-mode is opened, the bookmarks will be visible in a separate list.

In Archive-mode you can add further bookmarks. These will be time-stamped with the present time of the playback. In Archive-mode, you can also add parts of recordings to export. By selecting many parts, you can select the ones of interest.You can export the selected parts as a new Detec Archive file. You can export recordings to folder on drive, memory stick or CD/DVD.

In both Record HD and Archive-mode, you can save and print out snapshots, zoom digitally, maximize/minimize/close image, and show user interface in full-screen.

Detec Next Record includes advanced user control and user activity log.

Advanced user control means that you have different user groups and users with different access rights. You can create a free number of your own user groups and users. With different user rights you can e.g. limit access to changes on document forms.

In the user activity log, you save all changes and moves a user makes in the user interface. Only Windows-users with administrative rights will have access to such logs.


Detec Record HD System Drawing

A Detec Next Record-system typically consists of 2-4 cameras (free number possible), where minimum one usually is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. Microphones are connected via cameras. Cameras are connected via a network switch to an off-the-shelf PC for recordings.


Areas of Use
  • Examples of applications for Detec Next Record are:
  • Healthcare – observation and conversation in psychiatry and therapy, education and training settings
  • Police/judiciary – interrogation, interrogation training, expert statements
  • Military – interrogation, interrogation settings, talks, combat training and practice in confined areas
  • Education/Universities – training in psychiatry, psychology, medical, interview and survey training, documentation of experiments
  • Market analysis companies – consumer surveys, consumer behavior recording, focus group recordings


Brochure Detec Next Record (EN)

Brosjyre Detec Next Record (NO)