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Detec Next VMS and Integration with Optex Detectors

Detec Next VMS and Optex detectors have complementary technologies, and the integration of IP-based detectors on the Detec Next platform will provide complete and reliable end-user security solutions.

Optex's detectors can cover areas and angles that are difficult and / or impractical to cover with cameras, such as narrow detection fields (short distance between eg vegetation and fence), long distances, and areas with hilly terrain. By attaching the sensors to predefined positions for PTZ cameras, detected intrusion can automatically trigger PTZ cameras to point to the penetration region. An operator center can immediately verify the incident by viewing video images and act according to threat level. A single PTZ camera can cover multiple video verification detectors, making the system very efficient.

Furthermore, the Detec Next video analysis in combination with detectors will lead to fewer false alarms in relation to challenges with perspectives on alarm region, low light, strong backlight, sudden light changes, reflections, snow, rain, fog, vegetation in motion also further.

Combined use of the Detec Next VMS with Optex sensors can generate a combined alarm with the highest priority in the software's alarm list. The combination with physical sensors and video analysis is known as a dual coverage detection system.

The Detec Next / Optex dual coverage system allows you to set up multiple layers of perimeter protection for critical areas, where different security zones are set up with different threat levels: outer perimeter, perimeter line, zones within the perimeter and the critical object / building itself within the perimeter. In Detec Next VMS, alarms on the different teams can have different priorities. This means that if a person has come within the perimeter and moves toward the building to be protected, this alarm has the highest priority. Such an alarm can lead to a number of automatic actions, for example that lights are lit, intruder is notified via loudspeaker system, security personnel in control rooms are alerted with alarm sound, alarm is forwarded to mobile clients with guards also further. Anyway, all alarms will appear in their own alarm list for processing in the software.

In Detec Next VMS you will also be able to set up maps with interactive icons for all cameras and detectors. In case of alarm, the detector and associated camera will flash red. By pressing the camera icon you will get live pictures from this camera. If it is a PTZ camera, one can immediately take manual control of the camera and follow the intruder.

Optex - multiple layers


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