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Radar Detection

Detec Next software also offers integration with various radar solutions for detection of persons / vehicles / objects. Video analysis and radar technology are two technologies that complement each other well, and should be carefully considered in many high-security large-area applications such as for airports and prisons.

Radar technology can detect intruders at great distances and indicate distance, attack angle and object speed. The technology is not affected by weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, fog, hail, sandstorms, etc., or by small animals, bushes and trees. Radar will thus be able to give a warning that an intruder is approaching a critical zone.

The radar is integrated with the Detec Next VMS which will control a PTZ camera - which can be optical, thermal or thermal and optical and with or without long-range IR/laser light for optical camera - to verify detection. PTZ camera is used to track and recognize the intruder / object in the protected area.

Combining such a system with conventional perimeter protection systems, such as infrared detectors, laser detectors and video analysis, will provide multiple layers of perimeter protection. Through the Detec Next VMS one can have alarm definitions with different priorities and various automatic actions from the system on the different layers.

Different solutions are suitable for different locations. Please contact us for a recommendation to your location.


Radar Drone Detection in Combination with Anti-Drone Jammer*

radar and anti-drone jammer

A couple of our radar solutions can be combined with an anti-drone jammer. With increasing maturation in drone technology and aerial photography development, the use of unmanned remote controlled vehicles has increased widely in various fields such as smuggling, supply of prohibited substances, shipping of explosives, invading confined spaces, and aerial photos of private or secret areas. This poses a major threat to high-security sites and airspace security.

With an anti-drone jammer, you can interfere with invading drones. When a drone invades a restricted area, the tool may interfere with, force and control the drones.

The anti-drone jammer works either by disconnecting the GPS so that the drone flies back to the starting point or makes a controlled landing (depending on drone brand) or by disconnecting the remote control so that the drone can no longer be controlled. The tool is easy to operate, reliable and has a range of 1-2 km. It will jam a signal in a horizontal angle of 28-39 degrees and vertically at 27-37 degrees. Range and angle depend on which frequency band the drone goes on.

*The usage of signal jammers is heavily regulated and these products are only intended for police / military operators. No further details on available solutions will be given until an official permission has been presented to our sales team.


Detec Next VMS with Radar Technology in Media 

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