Security Challenges for Banks

Banks handle large values and are therefore especially vulnerable to violent robberies and extortion. The trend is a more violent and advanced approach from criminals. Although video surveillance equipment is standard in most banks today, the quality of this equipment varies a lot with a slow pace on migration to IP technology and megapixel resolution.

The visibility of video surveillance equipment is preventive in itself. However when a robbery occurs, the quality of the recordings is critical to the police’ investigation of the crime. It is important that the recording system makes it easy for the investigators to locate the relevant video recording. The image quality has to be in such a condition that it is possible to recognise persons, and that the recordings are of such a quality that they can be used as evidence in a court.

The Solution

Detec’s surveillance systems for use in banks ensure all this and more. Detec AS has for years set the standard for surveillance systems in Norwegian banks. More than 500 installations prove a confidence we are proud of having achieved. 

Features and Benefits with Detec Next for Banks

The reason why Detec Next systems are selected by so many banks, is mainly due to our advanced detection module which makes the systems capable of capturing only real events, thus saving storage capacity which is extended to 90 days in the home-market Norway. The Detec Next systems have a set of default alarm sets for banks, and a separate alarm definition in case of a robbery. In such instances the Detec-systems will also include audio recordings. The systems can easily be integrated to other alarm systems, making sure that external systems notify alarms. On external alarms, the Detec systems will start recordings in maximum framerate on cameras. The Detec systems can be connected to guard- and police security centres, thus shortening the response time to a robbery dramatically.

Another important argument for bank applications is the Detec systems’ flexibility. Detec can be used with both analog (encoders) and IP-based cameras. In other words, banks can make a gradual investment into new equipment. Further, the Detec systems allow full network flexibility, which means that banks can choose whether to centralize monitoring and storage, let each local branch handle it themselves, or have a combination of user clients both centrally and locally. Detec Next can be set up with both regular client licenses or you can set up a Detec Next Enterprise central management solution on the headquarters.

Products in the Solution

Below you will find a collection of products we typically offer to make a solution for banks.

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