Detec Next Advanced Camera / Module License

Detec Next Advanced Camera / Module License

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License for connecting an IP-based camera or module/sensor to a Detec Next System. The license includes open IP-standard, advanced detection settings, Alarm-mode, reception of detection alarms on web-client, command schedule with alarm recordings, and forwarding of alarms to clients.

Additonally, Detec Next Advanced Camera/Module License inherits all features from Detec Next Core Camera/Module License.

The number of modules is in principle unlimited, and is limited by the server’s performance. If the module delivers multiple data formats on the same IP-address, such as many video streams, video motion detection, IO and audio, all formats will normally be supported.


Detec Next Advanced Camera/Module License inherits all features from Detec Next Core Camera/Module License. In addition, it has a number of features on its own.

What separates type of camera licenses from each other is detection level. While Core is an event recorder, Advanced has up to 32 adjustable regions with time calculation. In other words, more detection settings with a powerful effect.

In Core, an object passing a region will lead to recordings, while with Advanced you can set that an object has to be within the region for a period before recording starts. This can prove useful for e.g. bank offices where you want to limit recording volume because of many days recording, and you want to only record people who are nearby a service desk for a minimum of five seconds, as opposed to record everybody passing the desk without turning towards bank employees.

With Advanced Camera/Module License, Alarm-mode is included. It is in Alarm-mode you receive warnings and events. From the bottom of your screen, you will see an alarm list. Either you can show the alarm list in real-time with the newest alarm on top of the list, or you can search in the list. When opening an event/alarm, or having configured the system to open events automatically, a separate alarm detail window will display the event. In this window, you can choose whether to see live image from the camera, play back the event or both. To handle an event, you can acknowledge the alarm as real, false or deferred and add comments to it, or simply close it. 

With Advanced Camera/Module License you can also receive warnings and alarms to web-clients. You also have the possibility of setting up that a command shall be executed automatically within a given time, either for one or several cameras, and in case of events, you can send these to given defined clients.



  • Simple licensing structure, which is easy to expand with more module licenses. You maintain the functions you have invested in on the module.
  • License is independent from manufacturer and product type and based on an open platform. New products can be added on request.
  • Display of URLs ensures great system flexibility, allowing new areas of use and added value to a video recording system. The licensing structure makes it easy to expand with more URLs.
  • More detection settings enabling increased filtering of recordings and events. The video detection settings for cameras ensures saving of storage capacity and bandwidth, as the system sends data only when there is motion.
  • Command buttons add to the system’s areas of use, and engage operators to active and thoughtful use of the security system.
  • Command schedule enables automation of the system
  • User-friendly acknowledgement routines of warnings in real-time in Alarm-mode

Please contact us for a list on supported IP units / cameras and recommendations for hardware based on your needs.


Data Sheet Detec Next Advanced Camera / Module License (EN)

Datablad Detec Next Advanced kamera-/modullisens (NO)