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Why Detec Next Queue?

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    Achieve high accuracy on calculating queue time at airport security checkpoints
  • Minimize queuing and frustration for airline passengers and airline companies
  • Optimize manning and use of resources at the airport
  • Exploit the physical space at the security checkpoint better
  • Benefit from Detec AS’ long experience and dedication within the field of advanced video analysis
  • Easy integration of queue-time analysis system towards general video surveillance, which can profit from using same operators


    Background for the solution

    • Terror attacks has enhanced security measures at airports before passengers can board planes
    • Increase in queue times at airport security checks
    • Both passengers and airlines can get cross with airport operators
    • Frustrated passengers must deal with extra early attendance and extended travel time
    • Airlines competing on accuracy are often forced to wait for already checked-in passengers queuing at the security check
    • Negative impact on the passengers who have already boarded
    • Airport operators are challenged with;
    • Balancing manning at the security checks
    • Physical space at the airport
    • Variations in passenger numbers in seasons, weekdays and times of the day
    • Increased manning will help reduce queue time, but the use of resources should be optimized to minimize unnecessary costs
    • Pressure on physical space will in itself be a security risk, as the situational awareness of security guards will be greatly challenged
    • Personnel at the security check may feel pressure to speed up because of stressed and irritated passengers


    Videoovervåkning_QueueSolution Description

    Minimize queue time with Detec Next Queue
    Main Components in the Detec Next Queue solution



    Radiometric thermal cameras are mounted pointing downwards at the queuing area, at a good height, covering as much as possible of the space before the security check. If needed, the camera can be supplied with other lenses. Radiometric Thermal Cameras ensure a high level of accuracy for the video analysis, as you are able to filter persons from background based on temperature.




    • More accurate detection
    • Light changes are filtered out
    • Persons are filtered from background based on temperature
    • Thermal cameras discard privacy issues – persons can not be identified (other cameras with other fields of view should be used for identification if needed)
    • Image technology will document actual conditions by retrieving footage of number of persons in the scene at a given time (as opposed to competing queue-time analysis systems using other technologies)



    • Optical sensors are strategically placed on places where all passengers must pass one by one.
    • On narrower passages with lower ceiling heights, 3D dual-lens people counting cameras can be placed. 
    • Statistics from these sensors are combined with video analysis from radiometric thermal cameras to estimate queue time.
    • Other sensors, such as conventional CCTV cameras, may be added to the system, to add further to accuracy. Please contact us for consultation.



    The Detec Next Queue solution is based on Detec Next PRO and Detec Next RAD video analysis camera licenses, with a number of special adaptations to this particular application.

    The system will be delivered with an intuitive and user-friendly software, specially developed for advanced alarm management and searches through recorded footage.

    As Detec Next Queue is based on Detec Next VMS, this means that the system has a graphical user interface being developed since the early 90’s with all features you can expect from a video surveillance software. Requirements for live display, alarm management, search features, archiving and logging are all met.  

    The link also means that Detec Next Queue can be directly implemented in Detec video surveillance systems as an integrated part of the video management system. This may be advantageous, as it is often common-place that the same operator handles both the security control check and the airport monitoring centre. Hence, Detec Next Queue will be a tool for them to plan their use of resources better.

    Detec Next Queue and Detec Next PRO has been developed in close collaboration with SINTEF, Scandinavias largest independent research center. Our collaboration on advanced video motion detections since early 90’s has led to world-class-leading algorithms in terms of innovation, accuracy, and robustness.

    You can read more about our project here:

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