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Detec Next Fire Detection: Customer case

Detec Next Fire Detection Norskutviklet programvare for videoovervåkning


Arendal, Risør, Grimstad, Kristiansand, Lindesnes and Flekkefjord wanted thermal monitoring of areas of high density of wooden buildings to prevent fires, and chose the "Detec Next Fire Detection" solution.


ArendalRisør, Grimstad, Kristiansand, Lindesnes (Mandal) and Flekkefjord connected to the fire sentral (110-Agder) i Arendal.



Information about the installation:

  • 13 pcs Radiometric thermal cameras
  • 8 IR PTZ cameras
  • Integrated against alarm reception


    Background and needs:

    In 2015, a project group was established to secure a solution towards the 110-sentral in Agder in Arendal (the fire sentral in Arendal) - a joint emergency call center for 29 communes in Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder. In 2015, the procurement was put out to tender, organized via Public Collective Procurement in Agder (OFA).


    "Detec Next Fire Detection"-løsningen ble vurdert blant flere andre løsninger, men vant frem bland annet fordi: (1) løsningen utvikles i Norge, (2) den har et brukervennlig gransesnitt for operatører, og (3) er integrerbar mot eksisterende alarmmotak"

    - Christen Bentzen, 110 Agder


    The "Detec Next Fire Detection" solution was considered among several other solutions, but won because, among other things: (1) the solution is developed in Norway, (2) it has a user-friendly interface for operators, and (3) is possible to integrated with existing alarm reception "

    - Christen Bentzen, 110 Agder


    Outside thermal monitoring is considered as an addition to inside detection. Kristiansand commune would have preferred a higher degree of coverage with sprinkler systems, but considered thermal monitoring as a good and cost-effective complementary solution. "Detec Next Fire Detection" ensures basic external monitoring without affecting the individual household's choice of internal detection.


    The "Detec Next Fire Detection" solution that was provided

    Detec Next Fire Detectiong tett trehusbebyggelse

    The solution that has been delivered includes a central server at 110-Agder (the fire sentral) in Arendal, network connections to 110 Agder, local analysis and recording machines in each city, 13 thermal cameras with "Detec Next RAD" camera licenses, 8 controllable cameras and external alarm integration.

    An essential element of the solution is that the thermal cameras are radiometric thermal cameras that can measure temperatures with great accuracy at the pixel level. The "Detec Next RAD" camera licenses utilize this data in their analysis to provide the fewest possible false alarms. This is highlighted by 110 Agder as one of the foremost advantages of the solution. The thermal cameras provide a lay fault alarm rate. This is thanks to fine-tuning after installation through camera license features.

    110 Agder has experienced that the software is very stable with a simple user interface that has a Norwegian language. The servers run Windows operating system which also has a known user interface in Norwegian. The controllable cameras that are! Evert all have 36x optical zoom, full HD resolution, integrated infrared light with a range of well over 200 meters and 360 degree rotation. It is seen as an advantage that the cameras are automatically moved to sections that are equal to thermal image before possibly taking manual control and zooming in further on the alarm source.


    “Et godt PTZ-kamera er avgjørende for verifisering av termiske
    alarmer. PTZ-kameraene leverer gode bilder både dag og natt
    takket være IR-belysning”

    - Christen Bentzen, 110 Agder



    "A good PTZ-camera is essential for the verification of thermal alarms.
    The PTZ-cameras deliver good images both day and night thanks to IR-lighting ”



    Detec sells all its solutions and products through dealers network only. For this project, the certified partner Bravida was in charge of the assembly. Bravida has been an important partner in relation to the "Detec Next Fire Detection" solution and making it known in the market through good installations.


    "Vi er god tilfreds med det arbeidet som Bravida har gjort, og har
    inntrykk av at de har god kunnskap om løsningen"
    - Christen Bentzen, 110 Agder
    "We are very satisfied with the work that Bravida has done, and we
    have the impression that they have good knowledge regarding the solution "

    - Christen Benzen, 110 Agder


    For this project, all cities had good placement opportunities to get the best possible overview positions for the cameras. Roofs on high-rise buildings and natural heights were used to get the highest locations with the most "bird's eye view" over critical areas with a lot of wooden buildings. A good perspective is an important prerequisite to get as best as possible benefits from this solution.


    Agder, sørlandet Detec Next Fire Detection

    Photo: 110 Agder


    Configuration of alarms is relatively advanced and requires some fine-tuning to minimize sources of error at the different seasons. Here, Detec has assisted with its own apparatus for technical support. Detec has also carried out training of key personnel in the fire service, which in turn has taken internal training further.
    A system for the future. 110 Agder has the opportunity to receive more cameras and locations if the individual commune goes to such a procurement. Network lines and technical systems are dimensioned for extensions or can be further increased as needed.
    With the Detec Next software at the bottom, there are in principle no restrictions on how large the system can be, with a free number of interconnected servers, and the number of cameras per server depending on the hardware. At the alarm reception you can expand with a free number of clients.
    Mandal commune is among the communes that want to add more cameras.
    All photographs reproduced with permission of 110 Agder.
    Text and content have been approved by 110 Agder.