Detec AS can offer a range of services based on its' nearly four decades of experience in the CCTV industry. We are true specialists and are happy to assist you on all matters related to CCTV. These are our main services:

Software Development & Integration

Since our core business is our Detec Next Video Management Software, we have very skillful employees and partners involved in software development. We can offer software development for special projects in order to customize security solutions. We are well experienced in integration projects. Either our Detec Next VMS can be upgraded with new tasks to become more of a full-scale security management system, or we can offer different forms of adaptations to ready-made software developer kits (SDKs, APIs, OPC) that will convert a 3rd party system into presenting e.g. live video or video alarms originating from Detec Next VMS.

Sales Support & Quotation Assistance

With our long experience in the industry, our team is well prepared to give you all necessary sales support to make sure you can present offers with certainty and peace of mind. We can help design solutions from the ground up, suggest upgrades and improvements on existing systems, and help meet specifications. We are well experienced in assisting our dealers on tenders, providing documentation, solution descriptions, and suggestions on camera placements. We also assist our dealers with product presentations and site surveys if practicable.

Technical Support

Detec AS can offer technical support on different support platforms such as e-mail, phone, remote desktop and chat. Our technical support can offer guidance on all products purchased from our company. If we cannot help directly, we will handle all communication with our suppliers. Our technical support team have in-depth knowledge about our own software to handle all enquiries. If there are issues that cannot be resolved straight away, the support team has direct communication with our software development team. Case-by-case we will negotiate on service level topics such as number of support hours included in annual fee, committed response and resolution time, availability outside office hours, and number of times/hours with on-site support.

Installation, Configuration and Commissioning

We recognize that from time to time, our dealers need help to deliver complex projects. Detec AS has technicians that can help with installation, configuration, run acceptance tests and do commissioning. When dealers buy both software and hardware from us, the Detec Next VMS is pre-installed on the hardware. However, more and more customers want to use their own servers and preferred hardware suppliers, and we can help with installation of Detec Next VMS on their hardware, either on-site or by remote desktop. Sometimes there are complex projects, such as a great number of cameras, particular video analysis requirements, great number of clients, video walls, many maps and sub-maps, wished for command buttons, automated command schedules, PTZ cameras with predefined positions etc. etc. Many of these requirements may not be everyday tasks for our dealers, and we can offer them our aid, either on-site or remotely via remote desktop. For the same reasons, we can also help out running acceptance tests and do commissioning on-site with our dealers.

Software Update Agreement

On our software, our basic offer within paid version is access to service releases and new camera protocols and 100% trade-in value on upgrades of software products, e.g. from Core to PRO camera license. To get increased service level, we offer Detec Software Update Agreements. With a software update agreement you get access to all the newest versions, service releases and camera/device protocols. A dealer who offer software update agreements will have an easier time giving support, as the dealer saves time on problem identification and solutions on one version as opposed to a number of different versions. With a software update agreement, the newest IP camera models are supported, and it is easier to add new hardware devices. Not only cameras, but also clients, network switches, sound sources, IO modules etc. etc. that may depend on upgrades. It will also be easier to replace recorders/servers with new ones adapted to the newest technologies and upgrades on OS. Another important factor is the economy. Detec AS wish to reward customers entering software update agreements since all parts benefit from it, meaning that it is always less expensive to have an update agreement than buying updates afterwards.


Detec AS can offer different kinds of training. As a standard, we offer training programs for our Detec Next VMS targeting end-users, installers and professional users/administrators. Our training for end-users includes repeating tasks, such as selecting cameras and split-views for live viewing, acknowledging alarms, performing searches with different search criteria to find and investigate events, adding recordings to archives etc. We also offer a training program that certifies technicians, enabling them to handle standard installation, configuration and service procedures. A certified technician will get prioritized handling for technical support, thus giving dealers with certified technicians an advantage. Being a certified dealer also has a great commercial value. If Detec AS is approached by end-customers, the company always recommends certified dealers. If there are tenders where Detec Next VMS is specified, it is very useful to be able to present newly dated training certificates for technicians. We also offer training programs for Detec Next VMS specialists, focusing on video analysis in particular, but also alarm configurations, such as alarm prioritization, alarm forwarding to other clients, alarm presentation on a video wall, setting up alarm schedules etc. etc. We can also offer general CCTV training or training sessions tailored to the customer's needs.

Service Repairs

Detec AS can offer to do service repairs in its' own workshop. We have a long history of manufacturing our own PC-based recorders, and has in-depth knowledge about PC production and components. Recorders and servers are increasingly becoming barebone versions, where we only add our own configurations, but the expertise is still the same and evolving. Before starting service repairs, we always examine the problems first and give our recommendation on what solution is most cost-effective. We also offer service repairs on our suppliers' products, thus shortening the time in repair - a service quite rare today. If we are unable to repair in our workshop, we will handle all communication and logistics with the manufacturer. The same service repair team also handle all warranties, ensuring that warranty for equipment sent for service repair is properly checked.

CCTV Distribution

From the start, Detec AS has been a distributor in its home-market. Today, we distribute brands like Sony, Dahua, Arecont Vision, Hikvision, FLIR, Fujinon, Computar, Ganz, Videotec, Optex, Sorhea, ZyXel, Veracity, Intel, Seagate, Microsoft and more. Our long history as a distributor bear witness of a company which has made many strategically correct choices in terms of selecting the right partners. We have an extensive product catalog of products we especially recommend and offer a lot to our customers. Through our partner network you should find all equipment you need to offer end-to-end video surveillance solutions - and more! If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

CCTV System Design & Aid in Defining Specifications

If you are an end-user or a consultant, and you have questions about products or you need help to design a system, don't hesitate to contact us. We gladly offer our expertise to help design solutions and specifications. Being involved with multiple international leading vendors, both as technology and distribution partners, we have access to loads of Architect & Engineering Specifications and documentation aimed precisely at consultants and customers who need to inform and specify to suppliers/installers what they need. Naturally, we have this kind of information available for our Detec software and hardware too. We take pride in defining the optimal solution for end-customers. We focus on your expressed needs, and combine it with an understanding of expectations based on a wide range of previous references, as well as product expertise based on long experience and in-depth knowledge about trends and technologies in the industry.