Detec Next Fire and our Radiometric Thermal Cameras helped prevent a major in Risør, 24.02.2021

Due to the fire that occured in Storgata in Risør 24.02.2021, we have received several inquiries and questions regarding Detec Next Fire. This is the solution that is used by Risør commune today and which have been discussed in the media recent days, with a focus on thermal cameras.

Detec Next Fire is Norway's best-selling fire surveillance system using radiometric thermal cameras, and is today used by most of the cities on Sørlandet. It is a unique system that combines "Detec Next Fire" software, and the use of radiometric thermal cameras. The gain is an efficient and precise detection and warning of fires, as early as possible.

Detec has extensive experience with image analysis and has developed a user interface that interprets images in an intuitive, yet very advanced way. The software has been developed in Norway after Norwegian weather conditions, over several seasons, in collaboration with SINTEF and the Norwegian fire service. The system uses, among other things, advanced video analysis of temperature data at pixel level, and the movement pattern in the video information.


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Main Benefits of using Video Surveillance for Fire Detection

There are several benefits of using video- and temperature monitoring as a solution for fire protection. The system can cover large areas by placing the cameras in strategic places, providing very early detection of fires. This assumes that the cameras are strategically placed in relation to the objects to be detected. In cases where the objects are "hidden behind" or "in the shadow of" other objects, it is recommended to set up several cameras so to get a clear overview, covering all the objects to be detected. This also helps a lot in terms of getting early warning as possible.


Another advantage of using video surveillance is that the video images give the fire station significantly more information and a better overview of the situation, compared with other fire protection solutions. This provides the fire service a stronger basis for evaluating whether an emergency response will be necessary or not.

The solution is often combined with controllable PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), which allows the fire department to follow the fire and zoom in where the fire is. Detec has also added several optional "GDPR features" that can be used. An example is: the PTZ cameras are activated only in the event of an alarm and the image video is then logged. This gives the fire service an important basis when the extinguishing work is completed and the cause of the fire is to be investigated.

Detec Next Fire is a independent system that can be combined with other existing traditional fire protection solutions. This can also be fire protection in the form of sprinkler systems. When the system warns of a fire or exceeded temperature limit, the operator or fire department will have the opportunity to trigger the sprinkler system if deemed necessary. In other words, Detec Next Fire is very flexible and offers many possible solutions and combinations for customers.


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