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Retailers are very vulnerable to shoplifting, especially in larger shops with many visitors per salesman. Naturally, retailers wish more customers and profitability per employee, but this will make the wastage control suffer. Recently, we have seen that with longer opening-hours and increased turnovers, shops, kiosks and petrol stations have become attractive targets for robbers. This is related to the fact that banks have become more secured, and that retailers are perceived as easier to rob based on a lack of proper surveillance and alarm systems. In addition, employees are often not trained in handling robberies in a professional manner. Shops are also often targeted for burglaries when they are closed.

The visibility of video surveillance equipment is preventive in itself. However, when shoplifting, robberies or burglaries happen, the quality of the recordings is critical to the investigation of the crime. It is important that the recording system makes it easy for the employees and investigators to locate the relevant video recording. The image quality has to be in such a condition that it is possible to recognise
persons, and that the recordings can be used as evidence in a court.

The solution

Detec’s surveillance systems for retailers ensure all this and more. Detec AS have certificates on our surveillance systems, where separate requirements for retail purposes are defined. Detec supersedes these minimum requirements, and have several references on video surveillance systems in shopping malls, shops and petrol stations.


In order to build a Detec Next Retail solution you will need a license key, a database for video storage, x numbers of client licenses and x number of client licenses.

With a Detec Next Core Camera license you get Business Intelligence features like heatmapping, people counting and reports included.

A Core license can also be used for other IP-based units, i.e. IO-units to connect a shop's anti-theft gates, burglar alarm and robbery panic buttons.

A Core license can also be used for other IP-based units, i.e. IO-units to connect a shop's anti-theft gates, burglar alarm and robbery panic buttons.

If you upgrade cameras to even more advanced video analysis with Advanced+ Camera licenses it makes more sense to forward alarms purely based on video analysis and the Business Intelligence features get even more accurate.

The type of recorder you need is highly dependent on the size of the store and number of cameras you need. For budget reasons, PC-NVRs are usually preferred over server solutions.

Different types of cameras should be allocated to different parts of a shop depending on features and budgets. Typically, economical cube cameras will be used for counters, store room and general indoor shop surveillance. A more robust minidome will typically be used in areas where you need in-ceiling mounting as for the indoor store floor (in-ceiling), or the camera is exposed to vandalism such as for the entrance and emergency doors, outdoor perimeter surveillance, indoor parking houses or outdoor parking lots.

For perimeter surveillance and outdoor parking, bullet-type cameras are also widely used.

Sometimes it makes more sense to use IR PTZ cameras for bigger parking lots, especially so if the control room is manned.


Why use Detec Next Retail?

What makes the Detec Next Retail so well suited for retail, is mainly due to the systems user-friendliness. The Detec Next Retail have very good and intuitive search functions, which make finding events easy.

Furthermore, the systems are easy to set up, and can be adapted in such a way that the systems record all actual events, but avoid recording when there are no activities in the camera images. Recordings happen based on events, because of Detec’s detection module. Storage capacity will be saved, and a shop will manage with a reasonable and simple system, despite having lot of activity at certain hours. If wanted, the systems can be upgraded to perform more advanced motion detection, making the systems notify an alarm on certain types of behaviours by people. The systems can easily be integrated to other alarm systems. If, for example, a shoplifting alarm near the cashier triggers, a surveillance camera by the exit can start recording immediately, capturing the suspect on video on the way out. The Detec-systems can send alarms to security guards by smartphone with an image of a perpetrator for an effective and suitable response. After closing hours, the system can start recording if burglary alarms should trigger. By also triggering lights to be switched on, recordings and image material of burglars can be used for investigation and evidence in court.

How you build Detec Next Retail solutions is very flexible. They can be adapted to a small shop, larger shops, shopping malls with several shops, or a store-chain with geographically spread shops. Surveillance, storage and handling of video data can be centralized, making each shop concentrate on their business, and letting a guard centre take care of security.