Detec Next Core Camera / Module License

Detec Next Core Camera / Module License

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License for connecting an IP-based camera or module (sensor) to a Detec Next system. License includes open IP-standard, support for displaying URLs, simple detection settings, PTZ-control, command buttons, simple schedule for commands, and Heatmap-mode.

Examples of other types of sensors than cameras are IO units, microphones, speakers and instruments.

The number of modules are in principle unlimited, and the number is limited by the server’s performance. If the module delivers multiple data formats on the same IP-address, such as many video streams, video motion detection, IO and audio, all formats will normally be supported.

The Detec Next Core license can also be used to display an URL/network address with content in a content window (equivalent to a camera window) in the user interface. The number of simultaneous URLs is unlimited. The URL can for example be used to display:

  • Info from other security or automation systems
  • Administration interface for network equipment
  • Digital signage in combination with video surveillance images by shop entrances

With Detec Next Core Camera License, simple detection settings are included. These are sabotage alarm, adaptive historic background update, sensitivity/intensity, adjustment of pre- and post-alarm, percentage/number of pixels that need to trigger before recordings are made within a definable region, and finally, frame rate on detection stream. The maximum number of regions per camera is 16. Core Camera License also includes PTZ-control for PTZ-cameras.

With Core Camera/Module License, you also get access to setting up Command-buttons. These are configurable buttons that are displayed in the camera window to one or more relevant cameras in live view, and that performs a set of commands when clicking. Some examples are:

  • Open/close door via IO
  • Go to predefined positions for PTZ-cameras
  • Record in full frame rate on all cameras for x number of seconds

You also have the possibility of setting up a command that runs automatically on a given time during a full day. For example, for privacy reasons, all recordings on a building shall start after the end of the workday.

Heatmap-mode is also included with Core Camera/Module License. In this mode, you can acquire statistics on where in an overview camera scene there is most activity, where red indicates high activity, while light blue and transparent indicates little and no activity. The length of intervals that can be used to extract statistics depends on the number of storage days for such meta-data. You can compare periods.


  • Simple licensing structure, which is easy to expand with more module licenses. You maintain the functions you have invested in on the module.
  • License is independent from manufacturer and product type and based on an open platform. New products can be added on request.
  • Display of URLs ensures great system flexibility, allowing new areas of use and added value to a video recording system. The licensing structure makes it easy to expand with more URLs.
  • The video detection settings for cameras ensures saving of storage capacity and bandwidth, as the system sends data only when there is motion.
  • Command buttons add to the system’s areas of use, and engage operators to active and thoughtful use of the security system
  • Command schedule enables automation of the system
  • Heatmap-mode makes it possible to analyze activity in a camera scene by;
    • Checking traffic flow
    • Measure effect of moving shelves or merchandise in a shop
    • Measure effect of campaigns and special offers
    • Compare time periods against each other

Please contact us for a list on supported IP units / cameras and recommendations for hardware based on your needs.

Data Sheet Detec Next Core Camera / Module License (EN)

Datablad Detec Next Core kamera-/modullisens (NO)