Collection: Dahua Artificial Intelligence

Dahua AI series products adopt the most advanced AI technologies, including deep learning algorithms that primarily target people and vehicles, which provides higher flexibility and accuracy for end-users.


This enables the Dahua AI series to support various advanced applications such:

  • Face recognition
  • ANPR
  • Metadata collection and analysis
  • People counting
  • Image search
  • Facial flow,
  • Traffic incident detection
  • Traffic data statistics, etc.

The Dahua AI series includes network (PTZ) cameras, network video recorders, servers, and more devices. Network (PTZ) cameras support photo gallery storage, which provides a complete “all in one” solution. The integration of advanced GPU, cloud computing, and other high-performance hardware makes back-end computing more powerful than you can imagine.

Beyond seeing the world, Dahua AI series products provide a better way of understanding it.


Some of Dahua Artificial Intelligence products on Dahua's website:

Dahua Ultra-AI IP Camera Series

Dahua Pro-AI IP Camera Series

Dahua Lite-AI IP Camera Series

Dahua Ultra-AI NVR Series

Dahua Pro-AI NVR Series

Dahua Lite-AI NVR Series

Dahua PTZ AI IP Cameras