About us

 Detec AS Norsk Videoovervåkningsselskap, Norwgian surveillance company

Norwegian Provider of Video Surveillance

Detec is a global leading provider of smart videocentric IoT-services. Detec has developed software for video surveillance since the early 1990´s and has been a leading player in video analysis.

Using latest technologies and innovations, Detec offers high-end security solutions for video surveillance and intelligent video analyses. Detec extends its reach to smart IoT cities, computer vision and video analyses for perimeter security and fire detection. Detec serves corporate and federal institutions, providing security services to airports, schools and communities. Our solutions are result of a long history in the video and surveillance industry.

Detec was established in 1981 and has been around since the dawn of this industry. Since then, Detec has developed to become a leading company within video surveillance. Today we supply video surveillance systems to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Africa.

Detec AS Norsk selskap videoovervåkning

Organisation number: 934 236025
Phone number: 23 23 22 80
mailaddess: post@detec.no
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N-1360 Fornebu