Traffic and ANPR

Milesight TrafficX Enforcement Camera

As the Norwegian distributor of Milesight, we offer a wide range of camera solutions for traffic and ANPR.Contact us at, and we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your project.

Experience the cutting-edge with our TrafficX Enforcement Camera - powered by a High-performance AI Chip and revolutionary Frame Parity. Flashing alongside Global Shutter technologies. This innovative combination ensures you capture every critical moment on the road with absolute precision.

  • High-performance AI Chip and AI ISP Embedded
  • Multiple Traffic Light Detection Methods: Based on Image or Signal Inputs
  • Accurately Capture Video Evidence of Vehicles that Run Red Lights
  • Dual-lens for Overview and ANPR Image
  • 99% Capture Rate & 98% Plate Recognition Rate
  • 2*5MP Auto Focus Lenses
  • 50m ANPR Distance & 2-3 Lanes Covering
  • Support 1TB SD Card for Edge Storage
  • 4G LTE Network for Wireless Transmission (Optional)
  • Built-in GPS for Precise Location

Double Vision, Double Power

Get a comprehensive view of traffic with the dual-lens setup. Simultaneously capture an overview of the scene and detailed ANPR image. It's like having two cameras in one, efficiently providing you with valuable evidential data for precise analysis.

Crystal Clear Details from Global Shutter

Seize every moment in pristine clarity! With global shutter technology, all pixels are exposed simultaneously, allowing for the accurate capture of fast-moving vehicles, eliminating motion blur, distortions and providing crystal-clear images for accurate analysis.

AI-based Onboard ANPR, Beyond Plates

With AI-based ANPR on the edge, our TrafficX camera achieves unmatched accuracy in identifying vehicles. Identify license plates, plate colors, vehicle types, brands, colors - all effortlessly.

Tackle with All Kinds of Plates

Elevate recognition with the Milesight TrafficX Enforcement Camera - a true marvel! The camera expertly manages a wide range of plate types, guaranteeing flexibility in any situation. Frame Parity Flashing technology enables camera to take several images of the vehicle, ensure the clear capture of reflective & non-reflective plates and provide the most accurate results of vehicle and plate recognition.

Recognizing high-contrast license plates has never been a problem, but recognizing low-contrast license plates can be very challenging, especially at night. And that's where we shine. Introducing our game-changing 740nm infrared wavelength technology (optional) – a brilliant innovation for effortlessly capturing those elusive, low-contrast license plates with unparalleled clarity.