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Detec Next Fire

Solution Description

Why Choose Detec Next Fire?

  • The system can cover vast areas by placing cameras at places with a great view
  • Very early warning on potential fires to fire brigades/control center
  • Images give more information than other alarm types - assessment on necessity of call-out is more substantiated
  • Low investment costs for a fire safety measure that covers a lot of people and protects valuable resources and architectonic cultural heritage
  • The solution is not affected by and is independent from fire prevention measures taken by each building owner
  • The system can be integrated to other technical systems, such as emergency call-out systems


    Challanges with fires that occur in cities

    Videoovervåkning som brannverns løsning for byer. Detec Next Fire en norsk videoovervåkningsløsning for bydelsovervåkning av tett trehusbebyggelse.

    Great city fires are tragedies that unfortunately happen from time to time. Especially exposed are areas with high density of wooden buildings where fires spread from building to building quickly, leaving immense destruction. Such fires often strike buildings listed as worthy of protection and being considered important to cultural heritage. Often, the fires also claim human lives. The main challenge with such fires is to get an early warning to prevent buildings from conflagration, to make the fire easier to fight and to avoid the fire to spread.  Lack of responsibility and financial issues leads to many such buildings having inadequate fire protection. In densely populated areas there lies a big challenge in many types of buildings and their use.  



    Detec Next Fire as a Preventive Tool

    A good contribution to these challenges is a system that can cover greater areas than single buildings. Detec Next Fire is exactly such a system, where overview reference cameras can cover multiple buildings, even city districts, and the solution is independent from measures taken at each separate building. The technology described here will ensure very early warning of fire to a fire brigade, and they will be able to react, evaluate and respond to suspicious incidents and potential fires immediately.



    A reportage from the Norwegian news channel NRK concerning a fire that occured in Risør city 24.02.2021, a city with high density of wooden houses.

    NRK Dagsrevyen, "Brann i trehusbebyggelse", Storgata in Risør 24.02.2021:

    See reportage here!


    System Description

    Detec Next Fire is built around the use of a radiometric thermal camera to locate heat development, more specifically Detec radiometric thermal cameras and FLIR’s A-serie cameras. When the temperature reaches a user-defined limit in Celcius degrees, the camera will send a notification to the Detec Next server. The server will again notify a controllable PTZ-camera. The PTZ-camera covers the same area as one or multiple fixed radiometric thermal cameras and will be sent to a predefined position pointing towards the area of the heat development. In that way, an operator can verify whether this is a real potential fire or not through images from the Detec Next user interface.


    Radiometric thermal Camera

    Radiometrisk termisk kamera Branndeteksjon

    Thermal cameras which can detect temperatures in Celsius degrees on great distances where detected heat only comprise 2-4 pixels of the total image. Connected via TCP IP network to the Detec server.

    The reason for using both a thermal camera and a PTZ-camera is that images from thermal cameras will be visually grey and only display outlines of buildings etc. based on the temperature of different surfaces. On the other hand, an area in the image where an alarm has been triggered is easily identifiable with a sharp pink color in the thermal camera image. The PTZ-camera will immediately zoom in on areas where this pink color occurs, and an operator will be able to locate quickly where the heat is rising. The PTZ-cameras offered are fit for purpose and has a powerful zoom, making it possible to visually get very good details of the scene even on great distances.



    Controllable PTZ IP camera with up to 36x optical zoom, Full HD resolution, 360 degrees rotation and built-in infrared light. Set up with predefined positions coinciding with regions of interest set up in the Detec Next software. The camera can be delivered with wireless transmission of images as an option. Connected via TCP IP network to the Detec server.

    Detec Next software and server together with Detec Next RAD camera license secure that data from the radiometric thermal camera is registered and that alarms are interpreted correctly. The company Detec AS has long experience in working with image analysis through software, and has developed a user interface interpreting images in an intuitive but yet highly advanced way. Instructions on alarm handling, and images from the event, live or recorded, can be transmitted to multiple receivers using the Detec Next software and secure networks.


    The Detec Next Fire solution has been developed in Norway for varied Norwegian weather conditions changing over the times of year. The solution has been developed in collaboration with Scandinavia’s largest research center SINTEF and Norwegian fire brigades. The software performs a unique analysis on temperature data at pixel level. It also has a number of settings to minimize sources of error, such as analyzing motion and sizes of heat sources in the video images. You also have the possibility of ignoring heat sources that are under control temporarily, such as the use of a grill. Furthermore, the software also has settings to safeguard privacy, such as advanced user control. The use of thermal cameras itself safeguards privacy, as you are not able to recognize persons, but advanced user control can be used to decide who has access to a PTZ camera, and only on the condition that the radiometric thermal camera has notified an alarm first.




    Detec Next software with Detec Next RAD camera license

    Advanced video analysis and intuitive user interface to study alarm images and administrate alarm handling.






    Norsk videoovervåkningssystem. Detec Next Fire som brannvern for byer. Bydel overvåkning av tett trehusbebyggelse. Video surveillance as fire protection solution for cities. Provides early detection of fires.

    With Detec Next RAD camera license you have the possibility of defining up to 64 regions in one scene from a thermal camera in the Detec Next user interface. These regions are used as reference points to define where PTZ-cameras should point in addition to as a name of an alarm. Alarms can for example be named after street names and addresses in a part of a city. In that way, it will be faster for firemen to locate a potential fire, even with a written message without the transmission of images.





    Branndeteksjon Videoovervåkning

    An operator of the system will typically look at the Alarm-mode of the user interface. It is in this mode alarms pop up, displaying live images of an event. With radiometric thermal cameras, the alarms are marked with a strong pink color. Alarm-mode displays a list of which camera and which server the alarm is coming from, date and time og name/description of the alarm (e.g. street name). Alarms can be acknowledged as false, deferred or real, and one can add comments to the acknowledgement.



    Branndeteksjon PTZ-kameraThe image from the PTZ-camera will start from its fixed overview position and will automatically aim in on the region where the thermal camera has detected heat development. By looking at detailed images from the PTZ-camera, which has a very powerful zoom, the fire guard/system operator will rapidly be able to establish whether this event should lead to any actions by looking for smoke development or flames. The display window in the user interface can easily be enlarged on the screen. The operator will be able to take manual control over the PTZ-camera, and can personally decide where he/she wants to explore.


    News about Detec Next Fire:

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    Detec Next Fire solution applied on several stave churches as part of their fire prevention.

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    Brosjyre Detec Next Fire (NO)

    Brosjyre Detec Next Fire for Renovasjonsanlegg (NO)

    Borsjyre Detec Next Fire for Bydelsovervåkning (NO)

    Casestudy: 110 Agder Emergency Center (EN)

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