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Detec Next Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Detec Next Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be used for a wide range of business solutions. These solutions include not just the recognition of number plates, but also automated commands, responses, alerts and reports. As a part of Detec Next VMS, with its flexible rule-engine, the usage of ANPR can be tailored to different customers' needs. 

Detec Next ANPR will typically open barriers and gates and automatically only admits cars with authorized numbers in one of the lists defined in Detec Next VMS.  Detec Next ANPR system will register the entry or exit of a car, the number plate and the country of the vehicle. Detec Next ANPR will save the event trigger image, a pre- and post alarm video recording of the event, its date and time.

In order to open barriers and gates, you will need a camera supporting IO or an IO-unit in the network. For some of the Detec PC-NVRs you have built-in IO.

Here are a few selected solutions that may be of relevance to your needs.



Detec Next ANPR Checkpoint

Detec Next ANPR vehicle plate number recognition system can provide your customers with automatic entry to a closed territory, for example a private road.

Security is ensured by excluding the entry of those who are prohibited from entering.

The recognized number of the customer's car becomes it's pass-ticket.

The advantage of such passes is the comfort and safety of your customers. They do not have to park the car outside the checkpoint. There may be long distances after a checkpoint - with access with their car they can drive all the way to their target without having to walk or change mode of transportation.

Unlike, for example access cards, the pass-ticket can not be forgotten, lost or simply transferred to someone else.

The need for manning the checkpoint with a security officer 24/7 may be obsolete.  However, it should be noted that the system will only interpret the number plate itself. Perhaps it makes sense with layers of check points to verify who the driver is and what the intention is. Unmanned ANPR can be the first checkpoint to make the operations with security officers more easy and efficient at the next checkpoint. You may also combine the technology with other automated access technologies if you want a more secure entry to a site, e.g. a private villa.



Detec Next ANPR Parking

The Detec Next ANPR system will provide your customers with effective organization and automated access control for parking lots of different levels.

The recognized car plate number is entered in the "white" list and becomes a pass to the closed parking area. The recognized number is sent to the Detec Next ANPR for verification and reaction. If the number corresponds to the access group specified in the list, the barrier is opened. The car receives automatic access to the closed territory.

One of the advantages of Detec Next ANPR is the automatic distribution of groups of incoming cars for different types and levels of parking. Accordingly, customers do not wait until the guard finds their number in the list of subscription holders, but comfortably enter to the territory. You can organize e.g. a management or VIP parking inside your parking where a set of users is listed in both the "white" list and the VIP list.

With this technology, the need for parking guards will be obsolete unless you want to limit parking on time. If so, the solution will prove an excellent tool for the parking guards, having registered the time for entry. You can give customers a sense of comfort they will not get a ticket. Having access, they will also get a sense of exclusivity - perhaps even to a VIP space near the entrance of your building.


Residential Compound

Detec Next ANPR Compound

Detec Next ANPR helps to control access to the parking lot of a condominium site and exclude the passage of cars of residents from neighboring yards. Detec Next ANPR allows only cars from the "white" list to be parked, which is formed from the numbers of the vehicles of the tenants/apartment owners.

With Detec Next ANPR you get rid off financial costs and loss of time for the purchase of badges (trinkets, cards) that open the parking barrier. If residents fail to pay monthly fee, they can be paused from the white list until payment has been received.

Safety, comfort and confidence in the availability of a free parking space near the house are the main advantages of using Detec Next ANPR by co-owners of the parking lot of a condominium site.



Car Service Stations

Detec Next ANPR Service Station

The Detec Next ANPR solution provides the owner of a car service station with full control over the business processes, its efficiency and profit and it prevents theft. In addition, the system provides an evidence base in the event of any controversial situations at the service station.

Detec Next ANPR captures the movement of the car at the service station milestones (registration, washing, repair points, etc.). Detec Next ANPR can give alerts on entry to provide loyal, recurring customers with extra service. Futhermore, the owner will get an impression of how long it takes on each milestone and where in the process there is room for improvement.

In most countries there are restrictions on recording workers doing their job. However, it may be possible to register still images of the license plates at each station to get a sense of work progress and time spent on each station. Video from all angles of the car can be recorded between work milestones to capture evidence that the service station has not caused any damages to the car.

Based on statistics, the service station can give good estimates on how long the customer has to wait and perhaps also provide "live" information on the progress.


Read more about the technology here.


Recommended cameras

With Detec Next ANPR you can basically use any type of camera, but you should have a camera with at least 2MP/Full HD resolution. The resolution should not be too big as it will have a negative impact on processing speed, framerate, light sensitivity and noise. It is beneficial with adjustable shutter speed, exposure, dynamic range, white balance and noise reduction. Furthermore, the cameras should be equipped with IR light, preferably with adjustment opportunities. If the camera is to recognize number plates at great speed you should have framerate of 25/30fps or maybe even 50/60fps. To get the right field-of-view (FOV) you should as a minimum have a motorized zoom and focus lens. It is of great advantage if you can use a low-cost IR PTZ camera to optimize FOV in a predefined position. In that way, it is easy for Detec AS' support team to optimize configuration of the ANPR solution remotely.



The collection below show what components you need to build a Detec Next ANPR solution.