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Detec Next Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera License

Detec AS Detec Next ANPR is a software library for automatic detection and recognition of cars' number plates from Europe, CIS countries, from Turkey, Israel, USA and South-East Asia. It detects and recognizes single lines, multi lines and inverse number plates.

Detec Next ANPR provides record-breaking time and accuracy of recognition! Number plate processing takes only 10-100 ms at PC/server. Recognition accuracy exceed 95%.

Detec Next ANPR has no limits of recognized plates in the frame and detects the country of its registration. Number plates from CIS or Europe, or Europe with CIS, from all USA states or South-Eastern Asia are recognized simultaneously.


Technology features

  • Captures and recognizes the number plate in 10-100 ms
  • Supports the recognition of number plates of 50 countries
  • Recognition results validated by independent testing
  • Recognition accuracy exceed 95%
  • Recognizes number plates of cars that drive at the speed up to 240 km/h
  • Recognizes the plates by the principle “What you see is what it recognizes”
  • It works with any IP cameras
  • When the human eye can see the plate number, it will be recognized by the system regardless of the plate state and lighting conditions
  • The system is trainable during the operating process. It improves the recognition accuracy in bad visibility conditions or when plate is partially hidden in the frame
  • Detec Next VMS' rule-engine can control barriers or automatic gates
  • In Detec Next VMS you can have a free number of number plate lists enabling different rule sets - white list, black list, staff list, visitor list, VIP list etc.
  • You can search for entire or parts of the number plate to see a list of recordings and view one or several recordings in playback


 License No. of Streams Max. speed Type of number plates Operation System Platform Recognition Results
Detec Next ANPR 1 240 km/h

Region 1: Europe + Turkey + Israel

Region 2: CIS

Region 3: USA

Region 4: South-East Asia

Windows 7/8/10 X86-64

License plate

Country's attribute


Number plate recognition zone

Vehicle Access Control by Number Plate

Recognition Requirements

Recognition requirements