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Dahua PFM861-B300 Radar System, 300m, 90°

Dahua PFM861-B300 Radar System, 300m, 90°

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Key Features

  • Active detection: 24-hour continuous detection.
  • Stereo protection: stereo space, all round protection.
  • Real-time scanning: 8 times electronic scanning per second.
  • Electronic perimeter: free setting the protection area and time.
  • Radar-PTZ linkage solution: realize the perfect combination of the video and the radar.


Model DH-PFM861-B300
Basic Parameter
Radar type Radar system
Working frequency 24.05~24.15GHz
Transmit power 26dBm
Network interface RJ45
Detecting mode Doppler, slow-moving, quick-through.
Detection Target
Target type Human/Vehicle/Animal
Max. target number 32
Detection Range
Distance Human≤300m(984.25ft)
Angle(Horizontal) 90°
Angle(Vertical) 13°(-6dB)
Scan Frequency 8Hz
Installation Height 1~3m(3.28~9.84ft)
Radar Capability
Modulation type FMCW
Min. detection distance 1.5m(4.92ft)
Distance accuracy 1.5m(4.92ft)
Angle accuracy
Max. detection speed 36km/h track continuous; 120km/h detectable
Operating temperature -40℃~+75℃(-40℉~+167℉)
Operating humidity <90% RH
Protection degree IP66
Material PC & aluminum
Dimension 235mmx175mmx47.5mm(9.25”x6.89”x1.87”)
Weight 1.65kg(3.64lb)

Resources & Downloads

PFM861-B300 on Dahua website

Datasheet PFM861-B300

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