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Optex VXI-DAM Passive Infrared and Microwave Sensor

Optex VXI-DAM Passive Infrared and Microwave Sensor

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The VXI series is our best selling outdoor intrusion detection sensor range. It provides a very reliable approach detection with a range of up to 12m for residential and commercial applications. The sensor which should be mounted at ca 1.2m height includes two PIRs providing a double layered detection area, the sensor will only trigger when both layers are activated. The VXI sensors are animal tolerant and feature digital analysis to eclude cause of false alarm. The VXI-DAM is the dual-tech (PIR and microwave) model with antimasking.

Digital analysis for enhanced reliability

The VXI sensors features a digital microprocessor which analyses the infrared emissions received and differentiate the ones generated by human from the ones generated by sunlight, animals, vegetation sway, or weather conditions. This intelligence makes the risk of false alarm very low.    

Flexible detection coverage

The detection length of the VXI sensors can be set to 12m, 8.5m, 6m, 5.5m or 2.5m to adapt to the site configuration. The sensor comes as well with a choice of pre-cut masking templates to modify the detection areas and only focus on the points of interest. 

Combined technology for greater stability

In harsher environments, where the sunlight is very strong or the ambient temperature close to the human body's temperature, the passive infrared technology could trigger some false alarms. For those environments, it is of benefit to combine passive infrared and microwave technology, the latter confirms the alarm and adds a level of stability.


  • Buildings
  • Approach
  • House
  • Garage
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • 12m dual-tech for approach detection
  • Digital signal analysis to greater reliability
  • End of line resistors option
  • active infrared antimasking


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