Detec Next Core Upgrade to Advanced License

Detec Next Core Upgrade to Advanced License

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Detec Next Software Upgrade - price per camera license

Should have ordered Detec Next Advanced? Don’t worry!

“Software upgrade” implies to change the software model on a license from a lower to a higher and more feature-rich advanced level. Thanks to the flexible structure of Detec Next Software, you can do an upgrade from a lower to a higher level with no concern as to when and where the upgrade is needed. You only pay the normal price difference, meaning there are no additions to do this subsequently except the actual work of implementing the change.

Detec AS make a license code with changes available electronically, and this has a short lead-time. You will seldom have to reinstall the software – if so it usually also involves a software update. The license code will open features you have not had access to previously.

Model Comparison Chart

Here is an overview over differences between models indicating whether an upgrade would be beneficial or not. 

 Feature / Model Core Advanced Advanced+ PRO
Degree of Detection Event Recorder
Advanced Detection Advanced Video Analysis Professional Video Analysis
Low Level Algorithms
Sabotage Alarm / Covered Camera
Adaptive Historic Background Update
Sensitivity / intensity
Medium & High Level Algorithms
Adjustment of pre- and post alarm
Number of adjustable regions 16 32 32 64
Time criteria within region
Number of adjustable objects 1 (% of region / number of pixels) 1 (% of region / number of pixels) Free number Free number
Perspective compensation Adjustable
Direction and speed between regions
Advanced object tracking
Command Buttons
Command Schedule
Alarm Forwarding to Client(s) ✔ - Limited - should not be based on video detection ✔ - Limited on video detection alarms
Heatmap-mode ✔ Rough ✔ Rough ✔ Detailed ✔ Detailed
PTZ Control and Guard Tours
Alarm-mode ✔ Limited use of video detection
✔ Limited use of video detection
Video detection alarm to web-client
Video detection alarm to e-mail
Prioritized alarm list and increased filtering opportunities