Retningslinjer for frakt

Delivery method

All deliveries are Ex Works Detec AS, Fornebu, Norway according to Incoterms 2010, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


All shipments are carried out at the buyer's expense and risk. We must be requested in writing when the buyer place the order to insure the shipment all the way.

Logistics Partners

Unless the buyer wants to arrange for collection and notify us when placing the order, Detec AS will appoint a shipping company on the buyer's behalf. As a standard, Detec AS use Bring in Nordic countries and TNT, UPS or DHL for other countries. Detec AS will make the decision on which shipping company to use based on price, delivery time and quality of service. If the buyer wants to use its' own account with either of these shipping companies, we must be requested in writing when the order is placed.

Delivery time

The stated delivery time is estimated time of departure (ETD) from Detec AS and is based on information from Detec's supplier. Delayed delivery caused by Detec's supplier does not entitle the buyer to cancel the agreement or claim for compensation. If the buyer cannot receive the goods at the agreed time, storage or return will be provided for at the buyer's bill and risk. Detec may claim settlement in accordance with the sales agreement as if delivery had taken place.