Samling: Detec Next Et Åpent System

Detec Next Et Åpent System
The Detec Next Software is an open system. This makes it possible to combine Detec Next with other systems, which gives our customers many opportunities and benefits.
Detec Next offers integration with fire prevention systems, OPC, access control systems and other control systems.
Examples of integration with other systems:

Integration with other fire prevention systems

Our perhaps most seen integration with other systems, is when the Detec Next Fire solution is integrated with sprinkler systems. When a temperature deviation is detected and alerted, the system gives the operator the opportunity to activate the sprinkler systems.


Further, the Detec Next is often integrated with assembly lines. When a temperature deviation is detected in the production the software will send a signal to the assembly line making it stop. This helps prevent potential fires from spreading.


Integration with other systems for public areas, bulings or attractions:
Detec Next are often integrated with speaker alarms when used to protect historical buildings and attractions. If people cross into areas where they are not allowed the software triggers a recorded message, such as: "You are being observed. Move away from restricted area".

Integration with access control system
Detec Next ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) are often integrated with access systems at parking places. 

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