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Veracity OUTREACH Lite XT LAN extender

Veracity OUTREACH Lite XT LAN extender

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OUTREACH Lite XT outdoor-rated network extender for non-POE equipment, including IP67, Nema 4X/6P rated connector covers and 2/4 bolt wall-mounting bracket

Tough outdoor Ethernet network range extender

OUTREACH Lite XT is designed to double the reach of external Ethernet network connections, without using a separately powered network switch.

  • IP66/67 Nema 4X/6P tough enclosure for external installation
  • Instantly doubles cable range to 200 metres
  • Extend an additional 100 metres per unit with multiple units
  • Powered by POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Easy to fi t cable seals for cables with existing RJ45 plugs
  • Universal 10/100 compatibility (Gigabit available)
  • Secure wall mounting with detachable bracket

OUTREACH Lite XT is a weather proof Ethernet extender for external use

An OUTREACH Lite XT is ideal for doubling the reach of outdoor wired Ethernet links to locally powered devices.

Ethernet is the ubiquitous technology for Local Area Network (LAN) installation, and the majority of networks in place use the 100Base-TX network standards. (A Gigabit version of OUTREACH Lite XT is also available).

However, many security installations demand network connections that exceed the maximum 100 metres (328 feet) distance limit for wired Ethernet.

OUTREACH Lite XT provides an instant solution to this restriction. Simply connect an OUTREACH Lite XT in line with the network cable – adding a Power over Ethernet (POE) injector if required – to double the available range to 200 metres (656 feet).

Simple installation

OUTREACH Lite XT takes advantage of the universal 802.3af/at/bt POE standards, so it can draw its own power from the network connection. No local power is required, so OUTREACH Lite XT can be located exactly where needed. If your network switch has POE, simply connect OUTREACH Lite XT up to 100 metres from the switch, and it will deliver another 100 metres reach over regular Cat5e or similar cable.

If POE is not available, the link can easily be upgraded using a low-cost POE injector such as Veracity’s OUTSOURCE.

No set-up or network confi guration is required, as OUTREACH Lite XT automatically sets up network speed, duplex and crossover on connection, and does not require an IP or MAC address.

Go further

If a network extension beyond 200 metres (656 feet) is required, Veracity’s OUTREACH Max XT may be installed to extend Ethernet and POE to OUTREACH Lite XT.

For example, a 300 metre (984 feet) connection between a POE switch and another network device can be achieved by fi tting an OUTREACH Max XT at 100 metres along the cable, followed by 100m then an OUTREACH Lite XT, and up to 100m to the non POE networked end-point device.

For longer Ethernet runs, Veracity recommends LONGSPAN long distance point-to-point devices, which can achieve 100Base-TX connections with POE at up to 820m (2,690ft).

No restrictions

Because OUTREACH Max XT and OUTREACH Lite XT simply restore the network connection every 100 metres, the full (100Mbit/s) bandwidth of 100Base-TX Ethernet is maintained across the entire link. This maximises performance and  transparency, with no risk of a reduced or unpredictablebandwidth, even at distances of several hundred metres or more.

Technical Specification


Power consumption

  • 1.3 watts via POE


  • IEEE 802.3af POE (802.3at and 802.3bt compatible, but not required)
  • Class 2 powered device
  • No POE forwarding


  • Two independently auto-configuring 10/100 ports(10Base-T/100Base-TX, half/full duplex)
  • Patch or crossover cables supported


  • Status indicators
    • Green LED - shows POE Power good
    • Yellow LED - shows Ethernet link/activity


  • Dimensions
    • L 183mm  W 50mm  H 30mm
  • Weight  
    • 104g [3.7oz], 126g [4.5oz] including plate
  • Mounting
    • 2 or 4, 7mm mounting holes on 50/60mm centres
  • Operating temperature
    • -40ºC to 70ºC [-40ºF to 158ºF]
  • Relative humidity  
    • Up to 85%, non-condensing
  • Compliance
    • CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Environmental
    • IP66/IP67, Nema 4X/6P
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