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LONGSPAN LITE Extended Ethernet only

LONGSPAN LITE Extended Ethernet only

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Single Non POE LONGSPAN adaptor, 1 port, no POE (2 required per link)

The Power and Bandwidth your IP Camera Needs, at Exceptional Distances

LONGSPAN delivers unprecedented power and bandwidth over extreme lengths of regular Cat 5e or Cat 6 network cable, enabling a dependable connection to IP cameras and other remote network devices.

LONGSPAN is a point-to-point solution. It self-configures for the best performance. No set up or configuration is required. LONGSPAN even supports single-pair UTP cables, providing a fast upgrade solution for legacy analogue systems.

LONGSPAN offers unrestricted 100Base-TX at a phenomenal 820 metres range, with POE-equipped models delivering full-power 802.3at POE Plus at 600 metres, LONGSPAN assures reliability in the most challenging scenarios.

LONGSPAN is available in POE and data-only models. It is also available in Duo and Quad versions for the camera end. See Documentation Tab for all datasheets including LONGSPAN Duo and LONGSPAN Quad datasheets.

Unrivalled range, uncompromised bandwidth

IP cameras can demand peak network bandwidth of several times their average data rate while transmitting critical high-activity or low-light scenes. That's why LONGSPAN has been designed to support the full 200Mbps bandwidth required for reliable 100Base-TX Ethernet at up to 820 metres Cat 6 (or 690 metres Cat 5e).

For even more extreme distances, LONGSPAN can automatically negotiate a 10Base-T connection, supporting a range in excess of 1000 metres, over ten times the conventional limit for cabled Ethernet.

More power, much further
LONGSPAN models with POE can be powered from conventional IEEE 802.3af POE or 802.3at POE Plus switches and injectors, or Veracity's versatile power supply options can be specified for maximum range and power.

The full 25 watts required for POE Plus devices is available at up to 600 metres Cat 6 when a Veracity power supply is used, or 5 to 20 watts can be delivered from other POE sources depending on range and cable type

Upgrade to IP, keep the UTP
Sites with legacy analogue cameras often use UTP baluns to send video over several hundred metres of twisted pair cable.  LONGSPAN facilitates a simple upgrade path to IP for these installations.

LONGSPAN can automatically detect and adapt to single-pair cables, and deliver the same uncompromised 10 or 100Base-TX connection up to 900 metres, assuring predictable IP video quality each and every time.

High density, high reliability

LONGSPAN's unique, expandable mounting system permits up to 24 channels to be mounted in just 1U of rack space, with configurable rear-mount power supplies available if desired.

Smart diagnostic LEDs, including a Safeview™ display on POE models, provide instant confirmation of cable-dependent power availability, and feedback of remote link status and other diagnostic information, for fast, confident installation.

Key Technical Features

Range examples:

Distance Cable Data Rate POE Out Power Source
1050 metres Cat 6 10Base-T 5 watts 802.3af switch
820 metres Cat 6 100Base-TX 16 watts 802.3at switch
690 metres Cat 5e 100Base-TX 14 watts 802.3at switch
600 metres Cat 6 100Base-TX 25 watts Veracity PSU
450 metres Cat 5e 100Base-TX 10 watts 802.3af switch

See datasheet for full range details and further notes


RJ45 for LONGSPAN connection over standard network cable
RJ45 for 10/100 network connection with optional POE
Screw terminal for optional power supply


L 120mm x W 36mm x H 23mm including brackets
-40C to 70C operating temperature



LONGSPAN Datasheet


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