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Veracity HIGHWIRE Powerstar CAMERA unit

Veracity HIGHWIRE Powerstar CAMERA unit

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HIGHWIRE Powerstar Camera unit


Fast Ethernet and POE power over coax video cable

HIGHWIRE POWERSTAR lets you install IP cameras easily, quickly, and reliably, without the disruption and expense of installing new cable.

Support for your camera is assured, thanks to HIGHWIRE's unique full-rate Ethernet over Coax technology, which has been tested and trusted by thousands of IP installers worldwide since it launched as an industry first in June 2006.

And now with POE over Coax, you can deliver up to 25 watts of POE power to the camera as well, eliminating the complexity of installing local power supplies.


Simply add power

With no configuration or measurement required, installation of HIGHWIRE Powerstar is as straightforward as plugging it in.

Two models are used, as shown in the diagram below.  The BASE unit receives POE power and transmits it down the coax.  The CAMERA unit receives power from the coax and delivers up to full POE Plus power to the IP camera.

If POE is insufficient at the camera end of the cable, just connect an optional power supply.


Installer friendly

For fast installation and guaranteed performance, HIGHWIRE Powerstar features Veracity's unique SAFEVIEW display.

SAFEVIEW provides an instant and easy-to-understand confirmation of network and power status right across the cable, with no need to access remote equipment to check connections.

Meanwhile, safe and compliant detection of POE equipment and POE over coax compatibility ensures correct operation, with no risk of damage to non-POE or legacy analog equipment.


Reliability assured

Because the length and quality of installed coaxial cable is hard to predict or measure, it is important to have confidence that the cable you are upgrading has the capacity to deliver continuous, reliable power to the new IP camera.

However, thanks to HIGHWIRE POWERSTAR's ultra low-power design and efficient power delivery, even the lowest grade of cheap RG-59 will support a 10 watt IP camera at any range likely to be found in a legacy installation.  And once connected, the SAFEVIEW power display instantly reaffirms that the actual power available to the camera is sufficient.

For predictable network performance, HIGHWIRE's proven technology delivers full network bandwidth, right to the limits of range.  And secure screw-terminal DC connections, or the option of using a UPS-backed POE source, provide the last link in assuring continuous power delivery.


Key Technical Features

See table in datasheet or manual.  Examples, with full 100Base-TX throughput:
- 10 watts of POE at 265m (880ft) of 22AWG CCS RG-59 from a Veracity power supply
- 10 watts of POE at 300m (1000ft) of 20AWG RG-59 from an 802.3af POE switch
- 20 watts of POE+ at 300m (1000ft) of 20AWG RG-59 from an 802.3at POE+ switch
- 25 watts of POE+ at 500m (1600ft) of 14AWG RG-11 from a Veracity power supply
Unit power 1.5 watts max
BASE POE in IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at, class 4 (25.5W max)
CAMERA POE out IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at, any class (25.5W max)
DC power input 44-57 volts, 0.7 amps max, class 2 isolated, screw terminal
100Base-T full-duplex Ethernet with auto-negotiation
Patch or crossover cables auto-detected
84 x 54 x 24mm (3.3 x 2.1 x 0.95in) / 102mm (4in) including connector
100g (3.5oz)




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