Optex REDSCAN RLS-2020S 20x20m Indoor/Outdoor Laser Detector

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The RLS-2020S is our compact indoor and outdoor laser sensor which provides a customisable ‘virtual’ wall or pane with a detection area up to 20mx20m to identify the presence of people or objects. Our RLS series uses LiDar technology to protects areas from security breaches such as intrusion, theft or unauthorised access as well as improving the reliability of video based motion detection and surveillance.

The REDSCAN RLS-2020S has been designed to integrate with security or safety systems. It creates a detection area that cannot be easily provided by other sensors or video based detection systems such as virtual walls or virtual ceilings. The RLS 2020S is an ideal sensor to protect skylights in buildings, walls, assets such as paintings or shelves storing valuables goods. The discreet design and custom-paint option enables it to blend very well into an indoor or residential environment.

Skylight Protection

Efficient Video Surveillance

Indoor Ceiling Protection


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • House

Key Features

  • vertical and horizontal detection modes
  • 3 analogue outputs: alarm, tamper and trouble.
  • high res indoor mode to detect small object
  • Features a unique detection algorithm