What is NDAA?

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NDAA stands for the "National Defense Authorization Act," an American law that involves a range of budget-related requirements for the Department of Defense.

NDAA is also significant for the European market because customers find it problematic to conduct business with Americans and their subcontractors and business partners if the products are not NDAA-compliant.

NDAA, therefore, imposes several requirements on products and services sold to and used by the Department of Defense and companies that trade and collaborate with the state and their subcontractors. As a result, the number of companies significantly increases in the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world, focusing on and demanding NDAA-approved products.

NDAA-approved products only use components approved by the US Department of Defense. This means, for example, that there will be no leaks in an NDAA camera. Or, to put it in layman's terms:

"It is impossible for anyone in China to spy on or access data from products that are NDAA-approved." This, of course, applies not only to China but to everyone else as well.

There are no clear guidelines or rules in Norway about which components should or should not be used in video surveillance products, such as cameras. Nevertheless, more and more people want to protect themselves against espionage and data breaches by ensuring that the products they purchase are NDAA-approved. Several municipalities in Norway state that certain Chinese manufacturers cannot be installed in public buildings. Some misunderstand a bit and say that no products produced in China can be purchased at all, but that's not the case. If that were the case, for example, no state or municipal employees could have an iPhone because they are produced in China. Detec AS recommends that especially state and municipal buildings, as well as other places in need of video surveillance products, only use NDAA-approved products and solutions.

Also, consider this: if a product is manufactured in a country other than China, let's say Thailand, Vietnam (which China sees as Chinese), Korea, or Sweden for that matter, no one knows which components are installed in the products unless they are NDAA-certified. Therefore, feel free to ask other manufacturers, including the 'big known' ones, if their products are NDAA-approved. The country where the products are manufactured is thus irrelevant in this context.

Surveillance and telecommunications equipment containing components from the five "banned" companies are not NDAA-compliant. This also applies to all brands produced by or using components produced by these five, which are:


For those particularly interested, the original source can be read here: One Hundred Fifteenth Congress of the United States of America 

Detec AS invests heavily in NDAA-compliant products. In addition, we adhere to the guidelines of the Data Protection Authority and GDPR. This is especially important when choosing software and NVRs used for video surveillance. Detec AS is the only commercial player in Norway that develops and distributes self-produced software. We also create special systems for several popular solutions that are market leaders in Norway, such as Detec Next Fire and Detec Next Record.

Occasionally, we may sell some products that are not NDAA-approved because sometimes there are no good enough or affordable enough products to replace them with. It is by no means prohibited, but we inform our customers well about the alternatives and options in advance, and what measures need to be taken to protect against "espionage" if they choose non-NDAA products. We naturally prefer to offer and sell NDAA-approved products.

Detec AS is the exclusive importer and distributor in Norway of Milesight CCTV CCTV or video surveillance products, and Milesight has a wide range of NDAA-Approved. When you choose NDAA-certified products, you can be assured of both the security of the solution and that no one can question the investment decisions made.

Milesight is a manufacturer with very high-quality products and also very good prices. They are also quite large in the USA and sell their NDAA products in all segments there as well.

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