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Veracity POINTSOURCE Plus Portable Battery Powered POE Injector

Veracity POINTSOURCE Plus Portable Battery Powered POE Injector

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Portable POE Installation Tool with Rechargeable Battery

POINTSOURCE Plus is ideal for powering POE IP cameras in-situ, when
in-line POE is not yet available. It permits complete camera alignment, focus, configuration and test from a locally-connected laptop.

Portable, Rechargeable, Power Where You Need It

Veracity’s POINTSOURCE Plus is a portable, rechargeable battery - powered POE (Power over Ethernet) injector. It is designed for field use, being compact, easy to handle, with a useful shoulder strap, which leaves your hands free. It can deliver enough power to support a full day’s IP camera installation work.

POINTSOURCE Plus provides a similar functionality to Veracity’s PINPOINT, but includes a built-in POE power source to allow installation and set-up of IP cameras before POE power is available through the network.

On Site Configuration

The most common application for POINTSOURCE Plus is the in-situ configuration, set-up and fine adjustment of IP cameras on an installation site. By simply connecting a laptop to the IP camera through POINTSOURCE Plus, all aspects of the camera image (focus, direction, aperture, zoom, resolution, compression etc.) can easily be viewed and adjusted.

On Site Surveys and Pre-Installation Trials

POINTSOURCE Plus allows the rapid set-up of an IP camera during site surveys, allowing the integrator to capture snapshots or video clips of the actual on-site scenes for presentation to the prospective end-user. This is an effective example of the saying "A picture paints a thousand words.”

Customer Demonstrations Can Be Given Anywhere

Any new IP camera can very quickly be demonstrated to a client or consultant using just the camera, a laptop and the POINTSOURCE Plus package. No external power or network switch is required, allowing demonstrations to be done anywhere, from a café table top to a desert road.

Mobile & Temporary Installations

A POINTSOURCE Plus and IP camera with an SD-card slot are all that is required for a very compact and easily transported temporary IP video surveillance recording system.

POE and POE Plus

POINTSOURCE Plus complies with universal IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at POE standards, and can deliver up to 25 watts of POE power. Integrated network crossover ports allow the direct connection of a laptop (shown in the diagram opposite).

USB Charging Point

A convenient 5V USB port is provided for charging smart phones and tablets, whilst on site. The USB port has no data connection function.

LED Indicator

The POE port LED indicates when POE is being delivered to a compatible device connected to the Camera port. If an incompatible device is connected (or needs too much power) then the red LED will flash indicating the problem.

Removable Battery Module

POINTSOURCE Plus has a removable, rechargeable battery module which provides enough power for a full day’s installation work. The battery module is removed for recharging purposes. Additional battery modules are also available as an option.

Battery Life and Status

POINTSOURCE Plus has a battery life of 3 to 5 years, or 200 - 1000 cycles depending upon discharge depth and operating temperature. The battery status indicator shows the remaining charge in steps of 25%. The simple design of the system allows the removable battery to be recharged whilst POINTSOURCE Plus continues to be used with a second battery.

Key Technical Features

  • Allows local viewing of IP camera on laptop close to camera
  • Enables rapid, precise adjustment of camera alignment, focus and field of view
  • Includes USB power port for charging phones and tablets
  • Removable, rechargeable battery with sufficient power for a full day’s installation work
  • Supports all classes of 802.3af and 802.3at POE devices
  • Installs and removes in seconds and reduces on-site time
  • Additional spare batteries available for rapid swap over


POINTSOURCE Plus Datasheet

POINTSOURCE Plus Quickstart Guide

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