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Detec Next Software - new system license key

Detec Next Software - new system license key

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Software-based license key for Detec Next Video Management Software

A Detec Next system comprise of cameras, one or more servers and one or more clients. With a new Detec Next Software solution, you will need a license key for each recorder/server.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10 / Server 2012 R2, 64 bit
Minimum Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM or better. Intel Core
i7 processor, 8GB RAM recommended.

Requirements depend on system design, first and foremost number of cameras and type of camera license, i.e. level of video analysis. Consult us for your specific needs.


When installing a new system, an administration tool is included. Detec Next Software runs as a Windows service. The administration tool is a utility function that communicates with the service, and normally runs automatically. You can use the administration tool to start and stop a service manually, and to configure certain system settings.

If you are logged in as an administrator, the same settings can also be reached through client user interface in the Setupmode, and there you will have access to the remaining system settings as well. If you have multiple servers in a system, you can reach these from Setup-mode in the client user interface where you can group them to locations, and you can mirror system settings between servers. For each location you have a number of configuration settings, for example for sorted camera list, map, split patterns, command buttons, command schedules, user management, user activity log, modules, storage, network settings, automatic restart etc.

When installing new Detec Next Software, a help file is also included, allowing the user to figure out settings and usage on her/his own.

A new Detec Next Software also includes a “Log Viewer” that is an application used to display the content of the log files that Detec Next Software generates. The software logs information and any errors, warnings and shutdowns on server and client locally on machine. You can easily export the logs and send them to an installer/Detec for evaluation and technical support.

As a standard, a client user interface is included for use on the central recorder/server, that is, the same machine as you install the license key. This client includes multi-level user login, Real-time-mode, Map-mode, Status-mode and Configure-mode. Other modes will be available depending on which type of camera license and database structure you select. In some cases, a particular mode will be an independent option.

You use Status-mode to check the system’s health status. This can be useful when turning to an installer or Detec AS for technical support. You can forward operation messages from Status-mode to other clients, web-clients or as e-mail/SMS.

In Setup-mode, you can do almost the same as mentioned about the administrator tool, in addition to the rest of the system settings, client settings on the machine, client settings for user groups, and define which servers shall connect to a client.

Features that run through several types of modes are among others camera list view, where you select how to sort and group cameras, camera window with saving and printing of still image, digital zoom and PTZ-control in image, maximizing/ minimizing/closing image, and fullscreen view.

You use Live-mode in order to see camera images and other data (e.g. audio) in real-time. In Live- mode, you can select pre-defined split patterns. Access is user-controlled. Cameras in split views will be marked in the camera list. Alternatively, you can select one or several cameras directly from the camera list, and position camera windows automatically on screen.

You use Map-mode when you want to see camera placements on maps. Icons on the map indicates the positions and the viewing-angles of the cameras. The administrator can also place icons for clients, servers and other types of modules on the map. The administrator can also add a free number of sub-maps to a main map. You can choose to select and display a map from a map list. The cameras displayed in the map will be marked on the camera list. Alternatively, you can select a camera directly from the camera list, and the corresponding map will open. Access is user-controlled.

Advanced user control means that you have different user groups and users with different rights. You can create a free number of your own user groups and users.

In user activity log, you save all changes and moves a user makes in the user interface. Only Windows-users with administrative rights will have access to such logs.

Detec Next Software also includes a web-server application with attached web-clients. The number of web-clients is in principle unlimited and restricted by the performance of the server. A web-server connection to a Detec Next Software server secures video transmission to web-clients. The video data contains a web API towards HTML5 / Javascript web-clients with encrypted data (plug-in free). Web-server connection protects a dynamic handling of bandwidth, as video will be compressed and scaled optimally.



  • Detec Next software is very flexible and scalable, and can be expanded with the number of modules/cameras, servers and clients needed
  • With the software-based license key the software can also run on virtual server environments.
  • The server application runs as a Windows service. This makes the application start automatically when the machine starts, and runs independently from whether a user has logged into Windows or not. The server application will automatically restart again by Windows if the machine shuts down.
  • Help functions, Log-viewer and Status-mode makes it easy for the user to find out more about features and settings, or to get technical support in case of emergency.
  • The client user interface enhances the system’s flexibility as system settings can be adjusted both directly on server or via client
  • Multiple modes with user controlled access with different purposes makes the user interface easy-to-use and clean
  • Features and design elements running through multiple modes enhances accessibility and userfriendliness
  • In Real-time-mode, pre-defined split patterns with user-controlled access to alterations and naming of patterns and cameras, in addition to automatic positioning of cameras on screen, significantly reduces time to find the cameras you are looking for
  • Marking of cameras in the camera-list when selecting a split-pattern, makes it easy to locate single cameras and their groups
  • In Map-mode, maps set up with icons for all modules, free number of sub-maps, and with user controlled access to alterations, the maps make it easy to find the location to an event and reduce time to take action on site
  • Marking of cameras in the camera list when selecting a map, and naming of cameras and maps, makes it easy to find the location of a camera quickly
  • Advanced user control secures the right access level for different kinds of users and user groups. For example, several tenants in a building can share one system, but only access their own cameras. The property owner will typically be the user who possess administrative rights.
  • User activity logs ensures that the administrator has an overview over which users who has done what in the system. For example, if someone has changed settings for a client wrongly, the administrator can find out who did it at what time. Access to the user activity log is secured.
  • Unlimited number of web-clients is a cost-effective and highly flexible way of achieving user-friendly client solutions 

Advantages with Detec Next Web Solution:

  • Web-server connection opens up for an unlimited number of web-clients
  • Simple and cost-effective way of securing more users access to the system
  • You can log on to the system from anywhere in the world without depending on a separate client application and/or fixed IP-addresses
  • Data encryption ensures safe transmission
  • Dynamic handling of bandwidth through compression and scaling ensures a stable frame rate of good quality
  • HTML5 opens up for richer use of JavaScript which enables more logic and a better user experience
  • HTML5 is supported by most web-browsers and does not require third party technology (plug-in-free)

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