Popular Detec Minidome IR PTZ with Considerable Upgrades

Detec AS' popular Detec Minidome IR PTZ IP camera has recently been upgraded with a new camera module with 25x optical zoom and true 120dB Wide Dynamic Range. In addition, it includes several other improvements.

The Detec IR PTZ Minidome was launched in the first quarter of 2017. It proved to be a popular model due to its favourable price, compact size and its minidome shape which included PTZ functionality. A criticism to the camera has been digital WDR - but not anymore. With true 120dB Wide Dynamic Range, the camera has the same specifications as one would expect from fixed minidomes.

The focal length of the zoom lens has now been increased to 4.8-120mm, providing a full 25x optical zoom in a very compact camera. This provides a horizontal viewing angle from 57.6 ° to 2.5 ° degrees. There are settings in the camera that allow the camera to focus on both very short and long distances.

Other upgrades include more image enhancement techniques, multiple privacy zones, maximum resolution at full frame rate on mainstream (1920x1080 at 50 frames per second at 50Hz), support for H.265 main profile, better audio compression techniques with up to 64 Kbps bitrate, and improved cyber security.

New image enhancement techniques include noise reduction, fog removal, electronic image stabilization, regional exposure and regional focus.

Combined, these enhancements will make the camera appear significantly upgraded and give a completely different impression of image quality than the previous model. Still, the price level will be kept the same.

The reason why Detec AS has went for this type of camera is:

  • PTZ functionality in a compact and discreet minidome format suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • You can take manual control of the camera if you need to control and zoom in on objects of special interest
  • PTZ camera enables automation with Detec Next VMS - one can automatically zoom in on alarm regions from other alarm sources
  • Due to favorable price, it can replace fixed cameras - considerably simplifies installation and adjustment of cuts, especially at heights where lift hire is needed
  • IR light covering 360 ° up to 50m included in the camera

Here you will find more information and specifications of the product:

Detec DTC-MDIRPTZ2MP25XHP 2MP Minidome IR PTZ IP Camera, 50m IR



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PS: Our factory in China has resumed operation after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and we expect to receive our first batch before Easter already. At the same time, we will also receive batches of our other popular cameras such as the fixed indoor/outdoor minidome. 

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