New Zyxel PoE Switches Born For Surveillance

New Zyxel PoE Switches Born For Surveillance

GS1350 Smart Managed PoE Switch

GS1300 Unmanaged PoE Switch

Why should you choose Zyxel surveillance switch?

Everything Needed for Surveillance

Large PoE Power Budget

The series comes with large power budgets capable of powering up multiple IP cameras. Additional PoE indication on the front panel allowing inspection of real-time PoE status.


Large PoE Power Budget

Extended Range

Zyxel surveillance switches can extend PoE and data transmission up to 250 meters for distant deployments.

Extended Range

Uplink Ports

The surveillance switches are equipped with additional uplink ports fulfilling the need for cascaded surveillance networks without occupying ports for IP cameras.

Uplink Ports

Complete Port Selection

Zyxel surveillance switches come with unmanaged GS1300 series and managed GS1350 series. Both series include surveillance preferred 8/16/24-port models suitable for CCTV installations of any size.

Complete Port Selection

PoE Switch Expert

With over 30 years of industry experience and millions of PoE ports shipped, Zyxel introduces brand new series of switch specifically for surveillance applications.

Tailor-made Features


Auto Camera Recovery

Detect and recover failed IP cameras and powered devices automatically with customizable granular parameters suitable for any types of devices and scenarios.

Continuous PoE

Delivers nonstop power to keep cameras in operation, even if switch under-goes maintenance for firmware or configuration updates, significantly reducing reboot time.

Zyxel Surveillance Switch

The GS1350 and GS1300 series PoE switch includes 4 managed and 3 unmanaged models with unique hardware and software designs specialized for surveillance.



GS1300-10HP GS1300-18HP GS1300-26HP
PoE Port 8 16 24
Uplink Port 1 SFP & 1 GbE 1 SFP & 1 GbE 2 SFP
PoE Power Budget 130 W 170 W 250 W
Extended Range Ports 2 4 4
802.3at PoE+ Support Support Support


Smart Managed

  GS1350-6HP GS1350-12HP GS1350-18HP GS1350-26HP
PoE Port 5 8 16 24
Uplink Port 1 SFP 2 SFP & 2 GbE 2 combo 2 combo
PoE Power Budget 60 W 130 W 250 W 375 W
Extended Range Ports 5 8 16 24
802.3at PoE+ Support with 802.3bt Support Support Support


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