How we deal with the Coronavirus

How we deal with the Coronavirus

Here comes an update with information on how we deal with the situation caused by the coronavirus.

We follow the rules and advice from national authorities and WHO and continuously adapt our internal routines. We want to contribute as best we can to prevent the spread of infection, and most of our employees now work from their homes. The staffing at Fornebu's office has been reduced to what is most needed - primarily to handle logistics of goods.

Logistics of goods to our warehouse is still not critically affected, and the dispatch of goods goes as usual with the possibility of some delay. We encourage all customers to use well renowned shipping agencies to collect goods and prevent the spread of infection. 

We still have some goods in stock that ensure us fast delivery time in the next few weeks. But with a currency exchange rate that seems to weaken for each passing day, we will only make new purchases for specific orders. Please note that previous prices are most likely to be adjusted for currency. This may also apply to stock items.

There will potentially be somewhat longer response time than usual on technical support in the time ahead.

We will prioritize operational critical support requests from:
  1. Customers with services that focus on life and health (healthcare)
  2. Customers and facilities critical to homeland security (critical infrastructure)
  3. Special response time agreements
As usual, our dealers will have 1st line support, and first and foremost, we will prioritize support for competent technicians from our dealers. Many of our dealers have socially critical tasks and we want to support them in the best possible way. We ask for your understanding for this from all you other customers.

We express our greatest sympathy to those of you who are in market segments where the personal and financial consequences are already great. We keep our fingers crossed that we together will manage to make the consequences as small as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions. We can be reached by phone +47 23 23 22 80 (telephone line goes to several of us who work from home) or by e-mail Of course, you can also contact each of us directly, but in some cases it may take some more time than usual to get an answer.

Take care of each other!

Sincerely, all of us at Detec AS
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