Sony SNC-XM631 Compact Minidome 1080p/30 fps IP Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE EX™ – X Series

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Excellent Full HD picture quality in a compact, discreet indoor housing: ideal for retail, banking and education applications
The SNC-XM631 minidome IP camera is suited to a wide range of indoor security and surveillance environments, from banks and retail spaces to schools and colleges.

It’s compact and easy to install, vandal resistant with an IK10 rating for protection against tampering or deliberate damage.

Full HD picture quality is assured by the sensitive, high-resolution Exmor™ CMOS sensor that’s teamed with Sony’s latest-generation IPELA ENGINE EX™ signal processing system. Every scene looks clearer, sharper and more detailed – even in challenging low-light conditions or with harsh backlighting. Extra intelligence is added by DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics that can intelligently trigger an alarm based on user-defined rules.

Full HD pictures from the wide-angle (113 degree horizontal field of view) lens are fine-tuned by the advanced IPELA ENGINE EX™ processing engine. This delivers wide dynamic range and cuts noise for crisp, clear results – even in less-than-perfect lighting conditions. Built-in image stabilisation reduces the effects of vibration, making it easier to see what’s happening.

The camera supports image rotation, enabling a vertical image format also known as corridor view, ideal for video security and surveillance applications in corridors and hallways. This extra mode electronically flips the camera image through a quarter turn, presenting a correctly oriented 9:16 vertical ‘portrait’ view at Full HD resolution and no wasted pixels.

For even greater flexibility, there is a choice of three optional lenses to accommodate a wide range of (83°, 51° and 25°) horizontal viewing angle requirements.


See every detail with Full HD quality

The sensitive, high-resolution Exmor CMOS sensor captures crisp, detail-packed Full HD (1920 x 1080) video images.

Wide angle lens

A horizontal viewing angle of 113 degrees makes the camera ideal for wide area surveillance, requiring fewer cameras to cover the same space.

Latest generation imaging power

High quality imaging is assured by Sony’s unique IPELA ENGINE EX™ signal processing platform that combines powerful signal processing with intelligent video analytics technologies. XDNR (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) assures clear low-light images, while Visibility Enhancer (VE) dynamically optimises brightness and colour reproduction on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Extra intelligence is added by DEPA Advanced analytics with face detection that can trigger alarms based on user-determined rules.

Wide dynamic range

Innovative View-DR technology achieves a dynamic range equivalent to 90 dB, capturing objects clearly and adaptively – even with harsh backlighting or sun-drenched highlights.

Excellent low-light sensitivity

The camera is capable of capturing clear images in very low light conditions: minimum illumination of 0.3 lx in Colour mode and 0.3 lx in B/W mode (at 50 IRE).

Better pictures, day or night

Electronic Day/Night function automatically switches the camera between Day (colour) and Night (B/W) modes, depending on light levels.

Steadier, more stable images

The in-built image stabiliser reduces the effects of camera shake or vibration for steadier images with reduced blur.

Optimum picture quality in any situation

A choice of selectable picture modes optimises camera settings for best picture quality in a wide range of applications and lighting environments.

Recording quality to suit your network

Select CBR (constant bitrate), VBR (variable bitrate) or VBR-with-cap compression modes for optimised recording quality depending on IP network conditions.

Automatic edge recording to memory card

Edge Storage allows recording of video directly to an optional SD/SDHC card, even when a network connection isn’t available.

Power over Ethernet

The camera is powered using PoE (IEEE 802.3af) via a standard RJ-45 connector, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for additional power cables.

Easy mounting on wall or ceiling with three-axis lens adjustment

This allows the lens unit to be turned in pan, tilt and rotate axes for versatile camera angle adjustment.

Easy, flexible field-of-view adjustments

e-Varifocal allows electronic zooming and adjustment of field of view – for easy, flexible installation without cumbersome focus re-adjustment that’s needed with optical varifocal lenses.

Optional lenses for flexible control over field-of-view

In addition to the camera’s supplied lens (with 113 degree horizontal viewing angle), three optional fixed lenses are also available with a horizontal viewing angle of 83 degrees, 51 degrees and 25 degrees respectively to allow flexible field-of-view camera settings.

Vandal resistant design

The camera is vandal resistant with an IK10 impact rating, for protection against destructive behaviours.

View with your smartphone

Securely access the camera using a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to view images and control pan/tilt/zoom functions remotely.

Easy IP network configuration

Configuration of network settings is made quick and simple using the supplied SNC Easy IP Setup application.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliance

Support for ONVIF simplifies integration with a wide range of VMS platforms and hardware, providing video streaming and camera control. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices, including automatic device discovery and video streaming.