Sony SNC-WR600 Rapid IP PTZ 720p/60 fps Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE EX™ - W Series

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Optimised for critical surveillance applications, with 60p high frame rate, advanced analytics, industry-leading pan speed and powerful optical zoom
The SNC-WR600 is a high-performance rapid dome network camera that’s ideal for wide-area surveillance in mission-critical indoor environments – from shopping malls, banks and casinos to logistics.

The camera’s sensitive, high-resolution Exmor™ CMOS sensor is teamed with Sony’s latest-generation IPELA ENGINE PRO™ processing platform, delivering HD picture quality with powerful analytics for smarter surveillance.

An extra-wide 130dB dynamic range assures clear video images, even in harsh lighting environments where other cameras struggle with extremes of light and shade in the same scene. Frame rates as high as 60fps – double that of normal IP cameras – let operators recognise and assess split-second incidents in recorded footage with unprecedented precision.

The SNC-WR600 allows continuous 360° PTZ operation, with the industry’s fastest pan speed of 700°/s letting an operator quickly recall preset areas of interest in a single, seamless motion. A powerful 30x optical zoom offers wide area coverage, plus the ability to grab detailed close-ups without losing clarity.

Designed for dependable round-the-clock performance, the camera can operate in temperatures from -5C to +50C. Clear images are enhanced by a defog Image Processing feature that reduces smog or haze, while gyroscopic image stabilizer combats camera-shake caused by vibration in unfavourable environmental conditions.

*Product shown with housing accessory. Housing accessory not included.


See more detail with HD quality

The Exmor CMOS sensor captures crisply detailed HD video images (1280 x 720 60p), even in low light.


W Series security cameras introduce Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO platform that builds on powerful IPELA ENGINE EX signal processing. This provides a 130dB dynamic range at Full HD resolution while maintaining full frame rate (up to 30 fps), or 90dB at up to 60fps and delivering a unique range of camera features. XDNR (Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) assures clear low-light images without motion blur, while Visibility Enhancer (VE) dynamically optimises brightness and colour reproduction on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Video analytics technologies are provided with DEPA Advanced analytics, tampering detection and face detection – each of which can trigger alarms based on user-determined rules.

Capture smooth, fluid movement

Video images can be captured at a high frame rate of 60fps, allowing precise analysis when stepping through recorded footage frame by frame. It’s ideal for applications like casinos or banking where it’s essential to see what’s happening with split-second accuracy.

Industry-leading pan performance and powerful 30x optical zoom

An industry-leading pan speed of 700°/s enables the camera to pan quickly to areas of interest in a single, seamless motion. Powerful 30x optical zoom range allows smooth, rapid transition from wide-area coverage to high-magnification close-ups of distant subjects without sacrificing clarity.

Defog Image Processing

Defog Image Processing feature uses powerful image processing to enhance pictures in fog, smog and haze conditions for clearer video images.

Better pictures, day or night

True D/N (Day/Night) function automatically switches the camera to Day or Night mode, depending on ambient light levels.

Steadier, more stable images

On-board gyroscopic image stabilizer keeps video images steady and blur-free, even if the camera is subjected to being shaken in unfavourable environmental conditions.

Quick setting optimisation for ideal picture quality in a range of situations

A choice of selectable picture modes optimises camera settings for best picture quality in a wide range of applications and lighting environments.

Focal Plane Distortion Correction

Compensates for image distortion generated in a scene by the CMOS sensor focal plane phenomenon.

Recording quality to suit your network

Select VBR (variable bitrate) or CBR (constant bitrate) compression modes for optimised recording quality depending on IP network conditions.

Automatic recording to memory card

Edge Storage allows automatic recording of video and audio directly to an optional SD/SDHC card for later analysis. Recording can be triggered in response to an alarm event, if there’s an attempt to tamper with the camera or in the event of network connection being temporarily lost.

View with your smartphone

Securely access the camera using a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to view images remotely and control the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom functions.

Quick, easy installation

Easy installation and maintenance is assisted by a quick-release mechanism that allows the camera to be removed instantly from its mounting bracket at the press of a button. Set-up is further simplified with the supplied SNC Easy IP Setup application for configuration of network settings.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliance

Support for ONVIF simplifies integration with a wide range of VMS platforms and hardware, providing video streaming and camera control. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices, including automatic device discovery and video streaming.