Sony SNC-VM772R 4K Outdoor IR Ruggedised Minidome IP Camera with Large-sized Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor

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Exceptional detail and sensitivity for round-the-clock surveillance applications, indoors or outside
Extraordinary sensitivity with 4K
With four times the resolution of Full HD, Sony's first 4K network security camera brings industry-leading clarity and sensitivity to critical video monitoring and surveillance applications.
Thanks to the camera's large, highly sensitive 1.0-type back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor, high-speed image processing engine and high-quality zoom lens, the SNC-VM772R captures detail-packed 4K/30 fps video footage with a minimum illumination of 0.06 lx - even in near darkness.

Automatic selection of picture settings
Picture settings are automatically selected to suit a wide range of operating environments, such as weather, time, and lighting conditions, providing the best picture quality for the scene. They can also be manually adjusted for even more flexible operation.

Various output modes
The increased resolution of 4K opens up exciting new monitoring possibilities. Traditional video surveillance requires a PTZ camera or several box cameras to survey a wide area. The SNC-VM772R can stream an overall low-resolution situational view, plus cropped original 4K resolution views of specific areas of interest in the scene, with Multi Tracking to chase moving subjects. The 20 megapixel sensor also enables high-quality still image recording at beyond 4K resolution to allow close examination of a scene for evidence purposes.

Other key features
• Excellent low-light capabilities are further enhanced with in-built IR illuminators for true night-time coverage.

• Edge Storage (onboard recording with memory cards) safeguards recordings during network outrage.

• The camera's outstanding image performance is enhanced with features, including Optical Image Stabilisation for steadier pictures.

• Quick, simple installation and set-up is aided by a smartphone or tablet PC app for remote field of view adjustment (SNC toolbox mobile).

• The discreetly styled minidome camera features a ruggedised vandal- and weather-resistant design that is ideal for tough round-the-clock video security and surveillance assignments, indoors or outside (IK10, IP66).


See and analyse more with 4K detail

With a resolution of 20 megapixels (5,472 x 3,648), the camera's large 1.0-type back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS sensor captures 4K (3,840 x 2,160) video with exceptional detail.

Excellent low-light sensitivity

The large 1.0-type image sensor captures more incident light than conventional security camera sensors, allowing the SNC-VM772R to function effectively at minimum illumination levels as low as 0.06 lx in colour mode.

High quality 2.9x optical zoom lens for detailed close-ups

The motorised Sony lens can zoom in to areas of interest for extremely high resolution close-ups.

Best picture settings to suit any conditions

Intelligent Scene Capture automatically selects optimum picture settings responding to environments such as weather, time, and lighting conditions and providing the best picture quality for the scene. Picture settings can also be adjusted manually, or set according to time schedules, external triggers and lighting conditions.

Efficient use of network bandwidth with Intelligent Coding

Intelligent Coding gives selected of-interest areas maximum detail, while reducing bit-rates in the other areas of the image to save network bandwidth by up to 50% and minimize storage costs.

Efficient use of network bandwidth with Intelligent Cropping

Simultaneously observe specific areas of interest in captured images with VGA or Full HD view with an original 4K resolution, while overviewing the entire image at lower (Full HD) resolution, reducing network bandwidth by up to 50% and minimizing storage costs.

Multi Tracking

A single camera can automatically 'chase' multiple objects in its field of view, tracking each one independently with VGA or Full HD-cropped view with an original 4K resolution. It's a cost-effective alternative to using multiple PTZ cameras to track several objects simultaneously.

20 megapixel Evidence Shot for high-resolution still image capture

High-quality recording of 20 megapixel (5,472 x 3,648) still images can be triggered by the camera’s motion detection capability, or by external inputs from third-party equipment such as motion detectors and door sensors.

HDMI interface support

Includes HDMI digital video output

Optimum performance under varying network conditions

Select VBR (variable bit-rate) with Cap or CBR (constant bit-rate) compression modes for optimised recording quality and balanced network load depending on IP network conditions.

Smart analytics

DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics trigger alarm events based on user-defined rules, including intelligent motion detection, crossing line filter and object detection capabilities.

Steadier, more stable images

On-board Optical Image Stabiliser keeps video images steady and blur-free, even if the camera's subjected to buffeting from wind or traffic vibration on a pole, fence or road bridge.

Always ready for action, even in the dark

Built-in IR (infrared) illuminators give a clear view in complete darkness (0 lx) of objects at a distance of up to 50m from the camera.

Accurately exposed night-time viewing, near or far

Adaptive IR assures high-quality B/W night-time images without overexposure, even with objects that are close to the camera or highly reflective.

Better pictures, day or night

True D/N (Day/Night) function automatically switches the camera to Day or Night mode, depending on ambient light levels.

Automatic recording to memory card

Edge Storage records video and audio directly to an optional SD card for later examination. Recording can be triggered manually or automatically in response to alarm events, by the camera's analytics features, or if network connection is temporarily lost.

Clearer views in fog, smog and haze

Defog Image Processing feature uses powerful image processing to enhance pictures in fog, smog and haze conditions for clearer video images.

Highlight Compensation

Detects and masks intensely localised light sources, such as car headlights and flashlights in dark conditions.

Speedy, simple setup with SNC toolbox mobile app

Save time and integration costs with wireless adjustment of the camera’s field view from a smartphone or tablet PC, using an optional IFU-WLM3, USB Wireless LAN Module.

Built to handle tough conditions

The camera’s vandal-resistant design meets IK10 standards (protection against mechanical impact). IP66-rated water-resistant and dust-tight, it's ideal for all-weather outdoor surveillance, as well as damp or humid indoor environments.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliance

ONVIF Profile S-conformance ensures greater interoperability and flexibility in multi-vendor systems.

Versatile powering options

Choose PoE system, AC 24 V or DC 12 V power for easier, more flexible installation.