Sony SNC-EP550 720p/30 fps PTZ IP Camera - E Series

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The SNC-EP550 PTZ camera delivers:

 - High quality 720p HD images over a wide area of view with its superb pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.  It possesses a powerful 28x optical zoom with 12x digital zoom, giving a total zoom ratio of 336x

 - hPoE, so that it can be powered through the same cable that it uses for data transfer, meaning simplified physical infrastructure

 - ONVIF compliance protects your investment, guaranteeing your system’s compatibility with a wide range of manufacturers’ equipment.


Excellent 720p HD picture quality at 30fps

Gain the huge surveillance benefits of excellent picture quality with 720p HD supporting 30 fps at H.264 giving 1280 x 720 maximum resolution

High quality and low noise images with Exmor CMOS© sensor

Derived from Sony’s broadcast range, the high resolution Exmor CMOS sensor improves image acquisition with its low noise characteristics.

Powerful 28x optical zoom capability

28x optical zoom delivers greater flexibility in finding and tracking targets.  12x digital zoom capability provides a total zoom ratio of 336x

Choose the compression format that suits your needs

This camera supports three compression formats: JPEG is the best choice for high-quality still images; MPEG-4 provides clear video images over limited-bandwidth networks; and H.264 is the alternative for severely limited-bandwidth networks, with twice the efficiency of MPEG-4.

Day/Night function for optimised images in all light conditions

True Day/Night function switches the camera between Day (colour) and Night (B/W) modes, so that in Night mode the camera becomes sensitive to near-IR light and can reproduce images not visible to the naked eye.

Wide-D technology optimises images with varied lighting conditions

Wide-D technology expands the video dynamic range of your camera to improve the visibility of images with high or poor contrast.

DEPA for intelligent camera-side analysis

Sony’s DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) technology allows the camera to send not only images but also related metadata, including object size and position, to the DEPA-enabled recorder.  Unlike conventional analytic systems, where all of the image processing is performed by the recorder, DEPA thereby avoids CPU overload

hPoE for greatly simplified installation

The camera’s ability to be powered through the same Ethernet cable that it uses for data transfer, through high Power over Ethernet (hPoE – IEEE802.3at), significantly reduces physical infrastructure costs and accelerates deployment.

On-board recording for reduced network traffic

The camera’s SD memory card slot gives you the option to perform on-board recording to reduce network traffic.

ONVIF compliance for compatibility and confidence

The camera conforms to ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) version 1.02, the widely-accepted protocol for information exchange between network video devices, giving you confidence in its breadth and ease of compatibility.