Optex PoE IP Encoder

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PIE-1 is an encoder that converts analog relay outputs to original ASCII code (Redwall Event Code) for Redwall and Fiber SenSys detectors. Detectors can be connected to Detec Next Video Management Software (VMS) with PIE-1 and control IP cameras.

PIE-1 is generating Redwall Event Code using the analog alarm inputs from the Redwall and Fiber SenSys detectors. Detec Next VMS receives the event code and sends a command to reposition to a pre-set and/or start recording with a camera.

PIE-1 is compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE). IEEE802.3 af/at making it possible to supply power using a PoE hub or switch.

Only one LAN cable is needed to connect PIE-1 to a PoE hub or switch reducing your installation time and cost.