Sony SNC-WL862 20MP (4x5MP) Multi-Sensor Adjustable Dome IP Camera - NEW!

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Capture high resolution images at every angle

The SNC-WL862 Multi-Sensor Adjustable Dome Network Camera captures very high quality video images with a total resolution of 20 megapixels via four independent CMOS sensors and remote-focus lenses. This allows the camera to view four different regions simultaneously, simplifying installation and lowering costs by reducing the total number of cameras needed.

Offering comprehensive 360-degee video coverage from one camera with a single IP address, the SNC-WL862 is ideal for surveillance and monitoring in areas such as hallway intersections, building corners, garages, car parks and shopping malls where all-round coverage is essential.


Very high 20 megapixels total resolution

Four independent 5 megapixels CMOS sensors with separate remote focus lenses capture very high quality images with a total resolution of 20 megapixels.

Multi-directional views

The compact dome camera's four independent sensors enable full 360° coverage, capturing images from every angle for comprehensive video coverage with four separate views from a single IP address.

See clearly in low light

The SNC-WL862 can capture crisp, low-noise colour images in extremely low light conditions such as at night-time or dusk.

Better images in high-contrast conditions

Wide dynamic range technology ensures evenly-exposed video footage, even in harshly-lit high contrast scenes where ordinary cameras struggle to accommodate bright highlights and dark shadow detail.

Day & Night function

The camera's switchable IR-cut filter increases sensitivity for night-time operation.

Smart streaming

Smart stream management technology is combined with the efficient H.265 compression codec, reducing network bandwidth requirements by up to 90% while maintaining excellent image quality compared with conventional streaming.

In-built microphone

The camera's integrated microphone captures crisp, clear audio.

Resists rain, dust and tampering

The robust external housing is rated to IP66 and IK10 standards, safegarding the SNC-WL862 against rain and dust while also offering protection against vandalism and tampering.

Reliable operation in extreme temperatures

Suitable for outdoor operation, the camera can operate over a wide -40°C - +50°C wide temperature range.


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