Detec Next PRO Camera License

Detec Next PRO Camera License

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License for connecting an IP-based camera or module/sensor to a Detec Next System. License includes open IP standard, advanced video analysis, multiple alarm definitions, prioritized alarm list, command sets with advanced time control in calendar, free number of command rule sets per PRO license, guard tours for PTZ cameras, and video analysis alarms via e-mail/SMS/MMS.

Additionally, Detec Next PRO Camera/Module License inherits all functions from Advanced and Core licenses. The number of modules are in principle unlimited, and the server’s performance limits the number. If the module delivers multiple formats from the same IP address, such as multiple video streams, video motion detection, IO and audio, these formats are supported too.

Please contact us for a list on supported IP units / cameras and recommendations for hardware based on your needs.


With Detec PRO, you are able to create detection criteria to capture the following events:

  • Object moving within an area
  • Object trespassing an area
  • Object stops
  • Object moves abnormally slow/fast
  • Object appears in an area

This is made possible through so-called low-, mid- and high-level algorithms.

On low-level algorithms, which involves extracting objects precisely and robustly from background, PRO has the following settings: tamper alarm, adaptive historic background update, frame rate, sensitivity/intensity, texture, shadow removal and AGC/iris/gamma compensation.

On mid- and high-level algorithms, which involves the ability to create rules for events, PRO has the following settings: Adjustment of pre- and post-alarm, 64 definable regions with time criteria, adjustable objects, perspective compensation, direction and speed between regions, advanced tracking, and time control of rules.

In Detec Next PRO, an alarm is a recognized object following a recognized motion pattern. Alternatively, that a recognized motion pattern cease. The Detec Next PRO system can be adapted to each site with tailored classifications for objects. In Detec Next PRO, you will operate with as many object classifications as needed to cover the site’s needs. With Detec Next PRO installations, you will often have complex criteria for when an alarm shall trigger, and therefore you operate with multiple regions per camera. You define regions in order for the system to interpret in what direction objects move. You also need to adjust the perspective for each camera, often with great precision, in order for the system to calculate an object’s size accurately.

Detec Next PRO systems have high demands to robustness, and in Detec PRO, there are a number of algorithms not available in the other models, such as:

  • Robust detection of changes with clutter in the image, such as camera noise, rain, snow, motion and shadows from trees, bushes, flags and similar
  • Robust detection of changes created by light variations in the image, such as lamps switching on and off, doors opening and shutting, car headlights passing by, as well as compensation for camera AGC, iris and gamma adjustments
  • Robust adaption to background of both fast and slow movements that shall be considered normal
  • Correct segmentation of objects by filling out missing parts of detected objects, and remove objects’ shadows in order to create as precise object analysis as possible (shadows with hard edges and great contrast to background will not be removed)
  • Advanced tracking of objects, where objects disappearing behind other objects (pillars etc.) will be captured again when re-appearing on the other side. Furthermore, the algorithms will be able to differentiate between objects touching, passing or crossing each other (objects following each other over time will be interpreted as one object)
  • Detection on objects parking

You can configure alarms to call them anything you like, and these will be uniquely marked in the alarm list.

With multiple types of alarms, you can also give different alarms different priority. Then, alarms with the highest priority will be on the top of the alarm list until acknowledged.

In Detec Next PRO, you can set up command sets with advanced time control in calendar. You can create one or more rule sets per camera, selected multiple cameras or all cameras. For each rule set, you can have an unlimited number of rules per condition. That means that you can trigger a series of reactions with belonging or all modules if a detection or IO alarm should trigger on a module. In the same command set, you can also set up rules for actions, e.g. that real-time images from camera x, y, z shall be sent to client 1, 2, 3 as well as to web-interface for pop-up alarm on mobile units. With Detec Next PRO camera license, you can also set up guard tours for PTZ cameras, and send warnings via e-mail/SMS/MMS. These features also make use of command rule sets.

  • Advanced video analysis generates less unwanted alarms
  • Prioritized alarm list makes it easier for an operator to focus on correct and important events
  • Alarms and warnings can be received on mobile units via web/e-mail/SMS/MMS and let operators be less constrained to stay in their control room at all times
  • Advanced command sets and PTZ guard tours automate the system even more, leading to a more mobile security guard force, and enabling the system to be set up to different contingency plans

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